Well are we all watching the match tonight ? and is football coming home. Hope we win

Hey des will be watching it and do hope we win ...pippy

Well we hope so but I do not think it will be as straight forward as people think

Hope your holiday isn’t going well. 

Il be supporting Denmark. Sorry

Definitely not 

Think we should all calm down can't be good for us all x

Well we won but is was hard roll on Sunday ??

Definitely ..pippy 

The big trouble with the football is its over the top every news item is all about it they never stop repeating it. That spoils it  goodness help if they win on Sunday.

Yes the news love a England football story, don’t think I can listen to another it’s coming home ?‍♂️. But well done England..

Hope your doing well

I was wearing an ECG monitor all last weekend, good job it wasn't last night!!!

Not used to seeing an England team boss football matches - it's very strange

Indeed ☺️

Let's hope we win tonight ? England that is ☺️ lol

Just hoping for a good game, I’m watching with my Italian in-laws 

That should be fun yes hope it's a good game . Hope we win we have waited so long for England to win a big tourement all the best

Are the ready for the big match tonight ?