Foot problems

Hi everyone, I lost the use of my right side about a year ago at age 38. After my stroke and during rehab I developed footdrop whilst learning to walk again. This resolved itself, although sometimes comes back after a longish walk. I’ve never really fully recovered the strength to fully raise my toes from the floor and when at rest my foot wants to turn itself inwards. I also have pain at the top of my foot and in my arch and when I bend my foot forward.
Does anyone have any recommendations for exercises I can do to strengthen these muscles. Iv tried various insoles and toe moving etc. Iv got a physio appointment but there is a long waiting list. I don’t know how much longer I can carry on at work if the pain carries on as it is. Do you think there is much hope of it getting better if it’s been just over a year?
Many thanks for your advice :heart:


Hi @Caty the ladies in these 2 videos are popular amongst the forum to stroke rehab exercises. These are just 2 I’ve pulled for you as examples, they do have more on their youtube channels you can check out.


Hi Caty,

I am battling with foot problems 20 months post stroke.
Every barrier I come across, I research to death, until I overcome it
I will suggest a book which may or may not help
The Foot Fix: 4 Weeks to Healthier, Happier Feet by Zake, Yamuna

I am familiar with your problems ; and am available if you’d like some tips
good luck, Roland

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Hi @Caty
As long as you make effort you will see results.
You’re the best person to judge your problems and some insights into the solutions may be discoverable by studying what your good side does and then emulating it.

The two YouTubers Elyse and Tara are both good although as emerald says by no means the only ones.

Where therapists might help is matching a progression of exercises to your current state and your required capability development. Also what you need is the application to stick with exercises that you’ll have to use for a while before usable capability is experienced - usable capability is often only visible when you get invisible progress in a number of different aspects of what is affecting your abilities.


Hi @Caty in addition to the ones @EmeraldEyes has recommended I also used this site for foot drop exercises.