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Did I ever think I would improve on X-frame? Yes, and one month after inventing the X-frame, on Sunday May 12th 2024 was the day that happened. The previous day was a remarkably active one (I used some anti-inflammatory oils and ice packs on my stressed foot, since the physio spotted swelling on Friday) ; treadmill, exercise bike, core-exercises, a wander about Coaley peak, then a walk up Selsey common. A very intense day, and the first time I had tried Himalayan Shilajit. While my foot recovered, the next day, I was reading an excellent book on sleep, when I suddenly said to myself; why am I not reading about foot firmness? So, I bought “The Foot Fix” by Yamuna Zake for my Kindle, and by Sunday, I was already trying out a few exercises from the book. In particular, the correct weight-bearing procedure was to go from heel to big toe, but via the outside edge of the foot, to the ball of the foot, from little toe to big toe. This distributes weight more evenly, avoiding stressing any single area. In addition, rolling the foot on the ground going through these stages enabled the outer edge to work more actively, and more importantly, I could feel a correct transmission up my leg, relieving my outer hip, and the so called locked-glute condition. This was instant relief which I could induce even as I sat, even with my sandals on. The key, since I could not feel my foot so clearly, was to use my imagination, and go through the stages of planting the foot firmly on the ground. I knew this was the next landmark of solid progress; the next breakthrough step after my beloved X-frame, and, after all, a very natural path of discovery & progression to help my recovery.


Good lateral thinking Roland.


Sounds like you’re making some positive progress. I admire your tenacity. My issue is my foot just won’t lift off the floor but once I finally get it to lift what you say makes sense and i’m gonna give it a try.

There is somewhere close to me where they can produce images of you walking and running and can show you where your feet are impacting the floor etc. They can they provide insoles that get your feet in correct position etc. No doubt at some great expense. I’m not sure i’ve explained that very well but hopefully you get the gist.

Best wishes



Thx Rups,
I think it was more like vertical thinking !


You’ve explained very well, Ann

The book I’m reading emphasizes any shoe will do with the right exercises and technique. Obviously a really comfortable pair for everyday activity is great. I’m finding the whole concept of working purposefully, with an exercise program that has clear explanations invaluable. I’m pretty sure that the problems with my leg can be fixed if I fix my foot !! I wonder how many would benefit from correct foot use. It’s hard when I have to use my imagination to achieve the correct posture (since I feel more like 20%), but that’s true for the average person who can feel 100%.

Ciao, ciao, Roland

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If you had to sum up your three major issues (foot problem, etc.), what would they be? Most of your issues revolve around muscles and nerves.

Take care, friend!

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Hello Matthew,

Thank you for your question. My situation is very clear, now. My 3 main issues are;

  1. Feeling (somatosensory) ; still very limited; the quicker it grows, the faster my progress. The good news is that interoception is reasonable, and nerves are finally activating.

  2. My foot; it’s sore due to incorrect use and muscle synergy [due to problem 1)]

  3. My leg; sore glute muscles [due to incorrect use of foot 2)]

I’ve been blessed to have all motor skills, but refinement of those skills and the ability to walk fluently is still hampered by my lack of feeling & proprioception. Refinement of movement will follow. My understanding and research is the most important step, by which I can focus and direct my efforts in my recovery. My Yin/Yang days still defy all explanations!

Thanks for asking this question. My understanding is continually evolving. I’m lucky to be able to research my problems, & heal myself.

I hope you are doing fine. I also hope that one day I am able to help others and offer motivation and inspiration to those recovering from stroke.

Speak soon, take care you too, ciao, Roland


That’s all I wanted to know, friend. You did a great job summing it all up.

Now, when I read your posts, I can better understand them, knowing what your core issues are.

I’m always supporting you and all of the others on here. If I can ever do any research or help you answer any questions, please let me know.

You take care of yourself.

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Well Matthew,

your support is well appreciated here. Everyday brings a new urgency, and I need to stretch all the ligaments/muscles around my knee especially, but anything between hip and foot contracts with time and always needs a good stretch.

So could you please suggest some Qigong for the lower body? I see much with the hands, but very little for the legs. Got any suggestions? Anything to keep them stretched a little and loose… or anything at all.

But whatever you have time for; I don’t wish to take up your valuable time…
Thx pal, I did a 20’ Qigong routine with my wife today

Cheers, Roland

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Dear friend,

Please have a look at these videos. Also, please BE CAREFUL not to fall or hurt yourself. Don’t worry about doing the exercises perfectly. It’s all about connecting mind and body.

It’s so exciting to know that your wife is doing qigong with you. That creates a greater and more powerful qi field.

All the best! Haola – All is well, getting better.


These are okay Matthew,

but not as exciting as Dragon-Arms, which I really love.
I am searching for the equivalent for the feet / legs… Dragon-Feet?
I like the David Coon clip for walking on the spot

If you ever come across a great one for lower body, please let me know!!
Hope you’re well, ciao, ciao Roland


Dragon Arms is one of the best qigong exercises you can do. It brings restores qi balance throughout the body.

If I come across any that I think you’d like, I’d gladly let you know.

I found this one. Let me know what you think.

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I really like this one, thank you Matthew !!!
I have to use my stick when I do heel raise, but that’s fine

Good find, Roland

ps. on Tuesday I managed to keep my locked glute from bothering me all day. I had to drive the outside of my foot into the ground every 10’ and that transmitted up my leg and released my glute. For the 1st time in over a year, I’ve finally broken the spell !!!


You are welcome!

All is well, getting better.

Keep moving up that ladder, friend! Haola!