Foot giving way

Hi for last few days my bad foot has been hurting and giving way sometimes. I think I must have used a muscle which is now rebelling. I’m wearing an ankle support and still trying to walk and do my exercises but I don’t know if this is a good thing to do. Has anyone else experienced this and got any pearls of wisdom to share?suzywong


Thanks I’ll do that if it continues. Such a pain when I seemed to be doing reasonable well .

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No pearls of wisdom but in the nicest possible way, it makes me feel better to know other people have problems too!


That’s why I love being part of this forum! Knowing others are going through strange ailments doesn’t make me so unusual. Thanks


Quoted the above from another post to save repeating :smile:

Maybe physio could do a spot of massage along the sciatic nerve it might help, that runs from the base of spine down outside of leg. I mean that’s where all the brain’s signals comes from and it couldn’t hurt to try. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

That looks like an instrument of torture!my 6 weeks of support finished about 6 weeks ago but I still have a phone contact number so I’ll try that tomorrow and try to see if a physio can pop round.thanks

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Certainly is! I wish we could all meet in person!


That’s what I said to my osteopath when he first mentioned it :laughing:
Mind you, the one he was suggesting was more like this:
It’s hard to reach your back yourself and it’s tiring on the hands too and you can’t get in enough pressure either. The hook is useful for all those reasons :smile:

How do I join these meetings? I don’t have a computer just an I phone