Food interactions with blood thinners

Any one knows which food to avoid when on cliprogrel I know you can't take grapefruit products when on  statins any advice appreciated


I found water melon as well as the grapefruit.  I also have to avoid any foods high in potassium which interacts with my BP tablets - Losartan. So anything high in Vit K is out such as broccoli, bananas, sprouts.  There is a list of foods on Google which shows the interactions with blood thinners and BP tablets.

I'm on Losartan for my blood pressure and no-one has told me to avoid potassium rich foods, especially broccoli (I love broccoli). I have looked it up on medical journals and the advice is that SOME people are advised to drop potassium rich foods if they have other comorbidities. I personally would not trust Google for sound medical advice.

Dear onwards and upwards

interesting thoughts about diet. I don't like purple broccoli and I detest sprouts to a level you wouldn't believe. Is it nature telling me not to go there ?



I havent been told to avoid brocolli and other healthy foods by the doctor I think it is just scaremongering I would like to hear other peoples opi nions please. Norma Jean.

The water melon one comes from experience and having chatted to my GP he mentioned the broccoli and sprouts too.  Everyone is different and some may not be affected. Strangely enough Colin, I love purple broccoli and I can tolerate a small portion of that but the normal green one I've tried a few times and felt terrible after.  I absolutely LOVE sprouts but limit my intake to Christmas Day only! x

I have not been told to avoid any foods but I was told not to take Ibuprofen medication when I was using blood thinners. I hope this helps. Lilian

I feel the same I wouldnt trust google at all. The doctor is the one to ask. What are we supposed to eat you shouldnt eat fatty foods or sugar vegetables are healthy in every way. Norma.

I think it is vitamin K that is the issue, vitamin K assists with coagulation and helps the blood clot. So, certain greens are high in vitamin K, the advice is to have them in moderation if you are taking blood thinners, as in high quantities they may counteract the effect of the medication.

In my opinion, you'd probably have to eat loads every day for a long period of time for it to start having an effect on your system and medication. Anti-platelet medication is a preventative, it's not 100% assurance the blood won't clot again because that's what our platelets do. 

Yes, Ibuprofen can cause blood clots. Paracetamol is the preferred painkiller. 

True. Ginger is another one that affects coagulation. My late Mum-in-law ate loads, and I mean loads, of ginger everyday. ginger biscuits, stem ginger marmalade, even just eating the stem of ginger. She loved it. Dr was there one day and couldn't understand why her warfarin was all over the place with the readings. So we mentioned the amount of ginger she had. It interferes with blood thinners but more specifically with warfarin he told her.  She just remarked that she had to die of something so why not ginger poisoning!  

 Sorry to hear your mother-in-law had passed, but her remark did make me laugh. 

It's not the vitamin K that is the problem; it is consistenty in your level of vitamin K that is the problem. Vitamin K is needed for blood clotting, which we don't want. Any medication used to treat your condition needs to strike a balance with the Vitamin K in your system and its own affects. So long as you get to balance right there, should, be not problem. But suddenly changing your vitamin K levels, either up or down, can't cause problems.

Thanks - she was a character bless her. 

I thought brocoli was a healthy food does it interact with medication?

So ginger off limits we be back to be rabbits again  lolcheeky

Hi all! 

I eat and drink anything and everything I want. I take statin, 2 BP tablets and clopidogrel. It is only grapefruit I don't eat. Nobody told me not to eat anything. Not my GP nor my diabetic nurse.  I eat 1 banana per day with my tea and medicines in the morning. Garlic, onions, ginger, herbs and spices are always in my kitchen. Fruits, meats, vegetables. So far it's all good. The last time I had my check-up the nurse told me to continue doing what I am doing - foodwise and exercise. I tend not to exercise much these days but I do more physical things, especially in the garden. 

Hope you are all keeping safe and well. Take very good care. ☺

Its great to hear your opinions on Vit K.and Copidogrel. I have tried unsuccessfully to get clarity on this for along time. I have discussed this with GP. his  answer was "everthy thing is on the menu" I wrote to the manafactures of Clopidogrel  as you would expect they were totally non committal and passed responsibility  of advice back to GP.I even phoned in to radio Drs for there opinion which again referred me back to my GP!!!!!!!! So I eat lots of greens everyday as I love vegetables (I'm not vegatarian  but also not a big meat fan) use an enourmous amount of herbs.spices and garlic ,So far ( now3 years post stroke) no adverse reactions.After all we are advised to maintain a healthy diet. .Enjoy a little of what you fancy


I've not have a reaction to bananas or brocoli I eat bananas like a monkey  I've been on losartan for a while some one who is a diabetic has told me about watermelon   I think it's the sugar content  didn't know wayfaring has rat poison