Food after stroke - take a survey

We are creating a new series of videos for My Stroke Guide all about cooking and eating after stroke. But before we start filming, we want to hear from stroke survivors and carers.

As a stroke survivor or carer, you understand better than anyone what will be useful and interesting to other stroke survivors.

If you’d like to help, click the link below to fill in a survey. There are fifteen questions.

Take our survey

If you have anything to add after taking the survey or just want to share your experiences, we would love to hear from you.


This survey is going to close on the morning of Wednesday, 7th September.

This survey has now closed.

If you do have anything you’d like to contribute, though, please feel free to add a comment below or message me directly.

A massive thank you to anyone who took the time to fill in the survey. The response has been great and we’ve got a ton of great feedback.

Thank you!!