Food after stroke project

We are working to produce a series of videos that focus on cooking after stroke. As a team, we have thoughts on several topics for this theme, but we’d like to hear from you about what content you would like to see on this subject.

What is the ‘Food after stroke’ project?

Food is life. It connects us with our cultural heritage, our friends and loved ones, its a language we can all speak. Though our relationship with food may change after a stroke, particularly those with swallowing difficulties, fatigue, or strict dietary changes; being able to enjoy your food is important for a good quality of life.

It’s why we want to talk to people from all walks of life, who can tell us about their experiences of getting back in the kitchen after a stroke. We want to understand what content stroke survivors, caregivers, and supporting family members would like to see in these videos including ideas on cuisine, diet, kitchen adaptations and more.

Get involved!

We would love to hear from you and hope you can join us for a focus group on Friday 22nd July at 2pm-3pm on Zoom. This focus group has limited spaces, but there will be other opportunities to feed into this project at later dates.


  • You must have access to a laptop/phone/tablet for Zoom (practice and support can be offered).
  • Must be a stroke survivor, carer or family member.

We would be very keen to speak to people who have:

  • An interest in cooking, or
  • Changed their diet post-stroke, or
  • Found cooking difficult post-stroke

To register your interest please fill out the form.

We look forward to hearing from you!

I discovered I might have a slight swallowing problem, coughing after eating.
If I refrain from talking while taking food the problem is virtually solved. Eating a little slower helps too, as does avoiding breathing through the mouth…

Cooking and preparing food used to be a pleasure, being right side disabled, this is almost impossible as I was/am right handed. It does provide, however, an incentive to try to re-aquire hand and finger skills. Even washing up, which my wife and I used to share has become a no-go area. It would be nice to win back my place in the kitchen. I would say you need two hands for kitchen work.

At the moment walking and standing and some right hand finger use are the main focus of my attention. Maybe further on, a more advanced level might be possible. Such improvements would certainly enhance my life experience.

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Thank you for your comment Bobbi. If you feel up to signing up for the discussion, we would love to hear about this in more depth.

Either way, I will make sure it is added to the post-discussion notes so your contribution is not missed.

Thanks again!

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I have signed up, let’s see how it goes.

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I promised I would write up about my first proper visit to our kitchen, after the Zoom meeting earlier. Below is a link so you can take a look at my effort.

Scones for Tea ! !


Great stuff Bobbi - sadly I missed the Zoom event but just wanted to say that since my stroke in Dec 2018,I’ve had great pleasure and positivity from growing a limited range of things to eat in our garden - and involving our young god-children - the easiest by far is salad potatoes ( Charlotte is a very reliable variety) in containers or sacks ( there are lots of options available on line and/or in garden centres) - but also broad beans, french or runner beans, chillis and tomatoes ( ‘Sungold’ are easy and sp sweet !) - there’s nothing nicer /more appetising than eating home grown new potatoes drizzled with butter or a squirt of mayo - great with a chicken or ham salad etc! - best wishes Chris S - Bristol


Welcome to the Forum, we hope you will feel comfortable here and feel free to ask questions and post useful comments all of which we are pleased to receive.
There might well be another Zoom meeting, it will be announced on this Forum and you will have the opportunity to volunteer.
Growing salad vegetables is a very worthwhile pursuit, can I add onions to that list, so you will get a supply of spring onions? Also onions make a useful addition in soup recipes.

Many thanks Bobbi - yes Spring onions are great ! I tried ‘sweet aperitif’ tomatoes this season and they are very prolific small sweet reds - but the most reliable and flavoursome for me are the orange sweet ‘Sungold’ variety - also prolific and lovely for Summer salads - 2 plants are enough for family fayre ! Kids love picking them and they taste super eaten immediately when still warm from the sunshine ! In this oh so hot weather they cheerfully brighten any salad meal and don’t take a lot of work to grow or keep watered. They work ok outside too once we get into May - or under glass in April - most garden centres are stocking Sungold in their spring selection now - let’s grow for fun and be rewarded with wonderful produce each summer ! Chris

That’s very kind thank you Loshy - yes it’s a great forum and hopefully a 'happy place we can share positive thing with each other on as a stroke is such a tough thing to adjust to - but we all have to try as we’ve been spared so positivity is theonlyreal way forward. It’s a case of share good ideas and what can make difference to coping with the ‘new normal’ we have to adjust to - I’ll try to keep contributing positivelywhen I can.Best wishes,Chris

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