Follow up appointment

On my discharge letter it stated that I would get a heart monitoring appointment (which I have had but not any results ) and a follow up appointment at the stroke clinic in 6-8 weeks. I am now 7 weeks from my discharge and have not heard anything. Maybe I am getting too anxious about this and should just wait. I know thing will vary between areas ( I am in Lancashire) and I don't know if covid is having an effect. 

I would would like to know what other people think and wether I should try to follow up with my GP about this? Am I just being too impatient?

Hi Jane

If it were me, I would ring the cardio dept direct for your monitor results. For the stroke clinic, ask your GP if he can give them a nudge. There is no longer any urgency as far as covid goes anymore so all services should resume back to normal now.  And no, definitely not being too impatient!  Kick some butt :)