Focus and attention


one symptom of my stroke is reduced capacity to focus on one thing like I used to. My mind continually flits around to all sorts of things, some days I have a lot to do but over-active brain actually hinders this and I end up frustrated

Ive tried written list, telling myself i must tick one before thing about the next but doesn't help much. Anyone have any other techniques they can share.? I used to be very good multi-tasking but cant to this now as I forget and lose track.

Snap! Hi Paul. I am three years post stroke and have the same problem. I was a great multi tasker too, but that is beyond me now. I do not write lists, but I do make myself focused. I can only do one task at a time, so the first thing to learn is not to attempt any more until that task is over. I also break tasks down into stages and rest between each stage.

Also, do not allow yourself to be distracted. I walk with a stick, but there is still a bit of a disconnect between my brain and my weak leg and foot. This means if I walk anywhere...say from our car into a cafe...the whole focus has to be on walking. If I hear sounds behind me or a plane in the sky, I do not glance around when walking. I either do not turn and look or I stop then turn and look.

I do not know whether this snippet of information helps but it works for me.