I’ve had a Cerebellar stroke. Is it okay to fly? All of a sudden I’m nervous about flying !

@Dolanjo how long ago was your stroke? Some airlines like you to wait 3 months after your stroke.

I had a different type of stroke but flew 5 months after it & again a few months later. I did get a letter from my GP to say i was fit to fly but never needed to show it.

I was nervous but all went ok.

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I had my stroke about 20months ago, and I do feel uneasy about flying. I’m just worried with going so high may create pressure in my head. Perhaps I need to wait a while , as I’m not sure I will feel relaxed going :blush:

Nice to hear from you too, and hope you are getting on okay.
Did you go on a cruise?

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Hi, mine was 20 months ago and although most days I feel I’m ok, there are days when I feel a bit fuzzy, so I think this is why I’m so nervous .

I have a fuzzy head more often than not but I found flying ok. If you’re not sure then maybe wait a while. Might be worth a chat with your GP.

Mmm I might look at ferry’s.

I know it’s been a while since I had my stroke. I’m back working full time and I’m coping just about.
I suppose I have not yet got over being worried I will have another one.

I did smoke before I had my stroke, and gave up completely now, but have put on weight. Now I’m worried about being overweight and know I need to watch what I eat.

Perhaps I’m just overthinking everything :joy::joy:

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Thank you all for your replies. I’ve decided not to fly this year, need to get some weight shifted and get myself fit :blush: