Hi all,

Hope you can help.
I had a stroke 2 Dec and is looking at going away this Christmas ( only Feb i know)
We are planning to go to America with Grandchildren & Family.

Im not 100% if i will be able to fly all that way.

Anyone know best insurance to ho with with previous Medical conditions too.

Thankyou :frowning: :slight_smile:

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If you scroll to the top of the page there is a search box
Then search insurance for when the subject has been discussed previously

Different strokes has a tie-up don’t recall details it is on their web
I recall my stroke guide has something on insurance too

Thankyou Simon for your reply.

Have a good day.


@kermit69 i flew about 5 months after my stroke. Short haul only but it went ok. I would ask your dr if you are fit to fly as everyones stroke is different.

In relation to insurance i used LV. Different Strokes recommend medical travel compared but I’ve also seen adverts for

Others recommend staysure.

Hopefully you’ll find a suitable policy amongst them.

And most of all have a fab time x

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