Hi all
I am booked to fly to Lanzarote mid November which is a 4 hour flight and just wandering if any of you have flown after your stroke and what effect it had on you at High altitude.
My consultant said it was OK as it will be 6 months after my stroke and I feel 80% better I am walking and driving ok and to get on with my life but still very worried about oxygen levels and dizziness also can anybody recommend a travel insurance company as I am 70 years old with a stroke record

@monk2316 I flew 5 months after my stroke. I went to Majorca 2 1/4 hr flight. The biggest issue I had was the noise of the aircraft & screaming kids. I get dizziness as part of my stroke symptoms but the only time I experienced any dizziness was when I was being stubborn & decided to walk through airport rather than wait for assistance. I was advised just to keep my feet and legs moving to prevent clots but they advise that anyway.
I used LV for teav insurance. It was booked pre stroke so I didn’t have to declare my stroke but I did declare hubby’s cancer & our other health conditions.
Enjoy your holiday. I’m sure you’ll be fine.

Hi Mrs5K
Thanks for your reply it is very helpful also I have my travel insurance with Barclays Bank which is known as Travel pack and is a continuous policy year after year renewable buy Direct debit and was in force before I had my stroke so do you think I should inform them of my stroke to make shore I am covered.

@monk2316 yes, I would give them a ring. it’s not worth the risk of finding out you’re not covered for the sake of a phone call. I did contact LV following my stroke and they said they didn’t need to know until policy renewal time. I documented this in case I needed to claim and they refused it. Not sure if all companies work the same.

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Thanks for the advice I will contact them before we fly.

PS Stay safe

I reiterate what the others have said. I was worried about the risks of flying after my stroke, but needn’t have. It was fine. I have flown a lot since then. I make sure I’m down for airport assistance because I can’t walk very far and if I’m doing a long-haul I find out how much it would be for some extra leg room.
It’s essential though, to inform your insurance company of your condition before you go. I’m with HSBC and renew every year.
Have a great holiday. I’m sure you’ll need it!

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