Flying abroad for holidays

Ive booked 3 weeks in Turkey in June for hols , have you any advise for flying there or when im there, thanks


Hi, we have travelled abroad several times since my stroke 7 years ago. I use a mobility scooter and are able to take this right up to the door of the plane and then it’s waiting in the same place when we get off at the other end. We always request Special Assistance both in the UK and at our destination. I walk with a stick and struggle to get in and out of my seat on the plane so we always try to book aisle seats as near to the front as possible, just small things that make our journey a bit easier.

We were both quite nervous when we travelled abroad for the first time but I’m pleased to say that so far things have gone smoothly.

The Special Assistance staff have always been very helpful and I would highly recommend using this facility.

I hope that’s helpful.

Regards Sue


As Sue mentions book special assistance at the airport it makes a big difference & tskes some of the stress away.

On the plane I was advised to keep moving my feet & legs & to get up and move. Some people wear flight socks but check with your GP about those as they’re not suitable for all.

Do your research before you go & make sure the hotel / resort has what you need. For example I have to have a walk in shower as can’t gwt in a bath. You’d be amazed how many places don’t have this.

If you plan to do some sight seeing plan in some rest / easier days too so you’re not overwhelmed by fatigue.

Check if your airline will need a fit to fly certifictate. You can get this from your GP. Take your meds in their original boxes if you can & take a copy of your prescription with you.

Ensure you have adequate travel insurance & above all enjoy every minute.

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some really good advise there thanks, we have been going to same resort for 20 yrs , but thiss will be 1st time we have been since my S , so this time we are going to get one of those scooters to get round on, should be interesting lol


Can i be cheeky & ask where you’re going as I’m currently looking at holidays & trying to find somewhere different.

Hi I’m going icmeler in Turkey, been going for 20 years but this will be the 1st time since I have had my S

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Thank you i will have a look at Icmeler. It must be good if you’ve been going for 20 years.

we love it tthere , top place, uuse to be very cheap, but last few years it has gone more expensive