Fluctuating blood pressure

Hi all, at the end of last year I suffered a blood clot and big Stroke to my right cerebellum.. (cerebellar infarct).. Chronic Fatigue and short term memory issues have been my biggest issues.  I have been positive throughout and have been recovering well but recently my blood pressure seems to be fluctuating.  Even in hospital after the stroke my blood pressure was always pretty normal 120/80 or 130/80 etc... last 2 months my blood pressure was up at 158 with my GP but 122 with my consultant the next week.  2 weeks ago with my GP my blood pressure was over 160 but 130 the very next day... I had my flu jab on Monday and my blood pressure in my GP's was 114...  Today I have been fitted with a 24 hour blood pressure monitor taking my blood pressure every 30 minutes...  This morning at the hospital my blood pressure was 146/90...I am slightly concerned as before my stroke my blood pressure was always steady and normal...  Has anyone else experienced fluctuating blood pressure since experiencing a stroke.  Many thanks Darren aged 48 

Hi Darren I suffered with the same as you, blood clot in middle right, and was put on BP tablets, clopidogrel and statins immediately after.  I had a couple of occasions when my BP soared to off the scale levels during the first 3 months and ended up in A & E.  It turned out to be an allgery to statins that was causing it.  I knew I was allergic to statins prior to my stroke but wanted to try again to give myself the best possible chance of recovery.  Since I was taken off statins and clopidogrel, my BP has been steady and well below 140/90 which the consultant gave me as a target when leaving hospital.  Maybe it could be some of your meds that is causing it to flutter?  

By nature BP does go up and down all day as you probably already know and usually goes up in the afternoon, after eating and exercise and in the surgery - 'white coat syndrome'. I think from what my GP's nurse says,  there is only a problem when it stays up permanently.  I have an Omron BP machine at home and take it every other day and record it for my GP. It cost about £70 but well worth the peace of mind.  I've had BP monitors fitted 3 times since my stroke and a heart monitor.  The records show that the only time my BP rises is when the monitor is fitted at the surgery and the day after when they take it off.  The rest of the time it's below normal. Unfortunately, because they have to take an average reading, it comes out at border line :( but they know I'm OK at home so they don't worry too much.  Hope you go on OK with your monitor. 

Thanks for your kind reply, yes a reaction to my medication could be something for me  to think about...  I'm currently not on blood pressure tablets because it's always been within normal range.. but recently it's all over the place... dizzy spells especially in the morning. In fact I wake up every morning with a heavy head as if I've drunk a bottle of red wine without the pleasure of drinking it...  not sure if that's still the effects of the stroke though...  I've worn the monitor so will just have to see what results that brings.  Hope your keeping well and thanks again for taking the time to reply to my post... Darren 

You know something... it's funny you mentioning about the dizzy spells and the heavy head.  I've felt like that this last couple of weeks. I've not had brilliant sleeps due to cramp and pins and needles in my legs and I said to hubby at the weekend that I feel like I'm hungover after being out on the town all night!  It feels just like my head could easily fall off at any minute!  

Good morning! Onwardsandupwards, 

Sorry to hear you're having a miserable time.  Do you think it would be worth discussing your symptoms with your GP etc. Maybe have your current medication reviewed. The Pharmacist might also be a valuable resource.

As we all know and have learned the hard way rest is vital to our continued recovery.

Hope things improve soon Kay xx 


Hi yes I am having the same sort of problem my BP after my stroke was never below 140 (top) but almost a year later I have been getting funny turns, almost like feeling the blood draining, my doctor suggested getting a machine so he could see what was happening and now I keep dropping as low as 110 but on line it says this is a normal good reading.  I think as a stroke survivor it is too low so I am keeping a record and seeing the doc next Friday.  So will see what happens then.


Just a thought Wendy, is your pulse rate consistent ? Could it be that your BP fluctuation and heart rate are linked.

My BP is, by my standards, quite OK (about 140/80). However my pulse is a low 58 or 59. When the pulse falls even lower then all sorts of symptoms start up. Feeling feint through to total collapse. 

Stroke is bad enough but all these offshoot problems really are the pits. I try to deal with each problem one by one. Which is easier said than done.

Good luck


Sorry to hear your feeling the same in the morning.   Strange thing is I too have been waking up with pins and needles in my right leg and right hand. The side that was affected by my stroke.   I really do feel dizzy and hungover as if I have had a good night and been on the red wine without the pleasure of drinking it.  In fact I haven't had a drop since my stroke because I feel hungover in the morning and I don't want to add it... it's my stroke anniversary next week..  been feeling very frustrated in recent months as it seems to be slowing my recovery down..  with that feeling in the morning and then the fatigue biting around 6 or 7 hours later..   determined to get back to my sales job driving around North Wales, Staffordshire, Cheshire and The Midlands but not ready yet.  Just doing a few hours from home as and when I can in the laptop at the moment.  Don't think even my friends or family really know the full affects of the stroke has had on me physiologically,  physically,  emotionally and cognitively... To them I look like the same Daz and sound like the same Daz so they can't see what all the fuss is about.  Truth is I had a large stroke as pointed out on my MRI and I've got to agree I look in the mirror and I look like me and sound like me, but I certainly still feel nothing like me..    that's why it's good to come on this site and talk to the only people that really understand.   Hope you feel better soon.  Take care Daz

Thanks for replying... yes it's strange my blood pressure was always normal and stable but since my stroke or should I since I've been more active during my recovery my blood pressure seems to be fluctuating wildly...  yes blood pressure goes up during exercise etc but I can get wildly different readings while doing the same day to day activities. See what story the 24 blood pressure monitor tells... Anyway take care and certainly mention it to the GP..  thanks again Darren

Hi I'm new here. I had my stroke 3 weeks ago today. My name is Rachel and I'm 44.

My BP is causing trouble at the moment so any help or advice would be appreciated. During my stroke my BP was well in the 200's but came down eventually with a GTN drip. After being discharged a few days later I went to the doctor's to get a sick note and BP was 124/63. I have been monitoring it at home and BP rising, so went to doctor's. He upped the dose of ramipril. Rang in BP readings next day and was asked to go it. Now on ramipril plus amlodipine. Going back to doctor's for a BP check up tomorrow. Taken today by me and it was 135/111 - still not great. It's stressing me out slightly. ?

Dear Rachel

So sorry to hear of your stroke. But welcome to the forum.

Getting BP in to order is probably the most important thing to do first. That and getting the sleep patterns right.

Of course you are stressing when you see your BP acting like a yo-yo. But the stress causes BP fluctuations and the BP fluctuations cause stress. 

I would suggest relaxation techniques. They work wonders for me. I can de stress on my own, but I also go to a group therapy. Stimulating your pituitry gland is a help. And massaging your hair and scalp. Indian head message. Employing a therapist whatever you can manage. You might try your GP surgery staff for contacts and try your local church. Then there is the stroke association. I believe they will give you a co-ordinator. Not in my area, but maybe where you live.

Can I suggest you get a copy of your diagnosis. Again the GP staff should have this available.

Do smile a lot. False, forced, faked or real, the smile works well.

Be positive.

Rest. Then rest more.

At a later date you might ask about Amlodipine. That drug did me a lot of damage.But in the short term your BP is your prime concern. And the drug wont harm you unduly for a month or two.

Now lets look at things a bit broader. After three weeks you are typing coherently and getting things under control. Many of us took much longer to get things together, so in this respect you are doing the right things. Its a marathon journey ahead and you are on lap one.


Thanks Colin. My right hand side was affected but only my face, hand and speech. Speech is improving and hand is good but writing is terrible. I'm having a heart trace fitted on Thursday and that's mithering me because it's in my head that there is something wrong. God knows if this BP will ever go down.

Hope you are doing well! 

Its 21 days for you Rachel. I am 1,021 days !

So please have faith that your recovery will happen. Keep all the problem muscles moving with repeated little exercises. Then you can give the main attention to the BP and then the sleep.

Post stroke I have had lots of odd issues and was "blues and twos" twice for suspected heart attacks. I am exactly the opposite to you in that I knew there wasnt anything major wrong with the heart. 

If there is a heart problem for you, then its good that it will be found now. Probably wouldnt have happened but for the stroke. Heart surgery/treatment is light years ahead of stroke treatments. 

Through your recovery you can drive yourself mad by looking at all the bits that arent working properly. Or you can make a happy new life by looking at everything that does work properly. Many people die immediately from a stroke. You have been chosen to survive, so thats a pretty neat starting point. I have been chosen to survive and I am looking to see what purpose I can fill in my new life. 

Best wishes


Welcome aboard Rachel,  it seems that having a stroke as bad as it is, brings with it many other problems.  I am a year post stroke and still seeing my GP every month, I am older than you at 61 but before the stroke was fit and never saw the GP apart from sinusitus. The only advice any of us can give is to listen to youre body, it will tell you when you are over doing things (fine chance!)  Everyones journey is so different, but this site gives you the opportunity to talk to others who have been through a stroke, even if its just to have a moan!!  Get in contact with your local stroke group, they will help you with completing the dreaded mind field of forms to claim if you need too, and give practical advice.  What ever you do don't rush back to work to soon,  I wanted to go back within a few weeks but it took me a year and even now I only do 2 mornings.  We all progress at different rates.  Good luck at the docs let us know how you get on.  Wendy

Hi Rachel. Welcome!  I agree that BP is a pain in the bum! Mine was up and down like a yo-yo during the first 3 months. I was also put on Ramipril and Amlopodine.  Not together though.  Ramipril made me feel like I was an extra in 'The Walking Dead'. Totally zombifed.  Amplopodine was also horrendous and did nothing to reduce by BP either.  I am now on Accupro 5mg and this works well for me with the only side effect being cramp on a night and pins and needles sometimes.  I used to be on Accupro years ago before my stroke when I worked full-time and had a lot of stress due to targets that had to be met.  My GP didn't want me to go back on it because he considered it an old-fashioned drug and there were others that were more modern and worked better.  Well, I tried all the others and they didn't work so he eventually conceded defeat and is now happy that my BP is stable.  

Just the fact that you are worried is not doing your BP any good and it is bound to be up.  It will also be up in the surgery so might be worth having a BP monitor fitted for 24hrs as a lot of people have 'white coat syndrome' which gives false readings in the surgery.  I have had the heart monitor fitted for 24hrs too and it's a routine thing after a stroke so don't be too worried. It is needed to check for anything that may cause another stroke. The consultant will study your monitor readings and let your GP have the results quite quickly. It's all trial and error in the first 3 months to sort out which tablets work best for you.  Some BP tablets can take 6 weeks to kick in so it is still very early days so try not to worry. Easier said than done I know.

Hi Wendy, thank you for you're kind words.  I very much was like you, haven't been to the doctor's for years. I'm trying not to worry but it's easier said than done. The good thing was that the BP had gone down a bit yesterday so they have upped my dose of ramipril. Was feeling ok but now had a letter to go for a bubble echocardiogram, so now it's in my head that my heart is in trouble. Is this normal procedure? Trying to stay calm but it's not easy . Hope your recovery is going well xx

Hi. I am new here too. I had my stroke a month ago. Blood pressure was high when I went for my men’s health checks in the summer. GP did not prescribe at this stage. I caught a huge fever in September and my wife thought it was more than flue. Four hospitals later I’m at home recovering. Had a third mri this week and just waiting for results. 

Live been lucky as my limbs are strong, no droopy face. Speech and finding words is not so good.

On the usual drugs and by varies between 120 and 140. This depends on time of day.

i always plan something to do every day, walking on the sunny days, reading and puzzles on rainy days. Cinema sometimes. I like to try to keep busy, see friends. It stops me thinking about it and keeps me cheerful. I do have my dark moments as well. 

The hospitals, nurses and doctors and the ambulance service were brilliant. I thank them with all my heart.

and yes they have spotted I have a heart problem as well...genetic this one. 

Hi my husband had his stroke 15 years ago, a bleed. Luckily from day one his tablets suited him, he suffered no side effects and his blood pressure remained stable.Over the last few weeks however, BP became very erratic. Sometimes he thought he would faint other times it was up to 160 . He was extremely muddled and forgetful. I tried to think what we had changed in our daily routine. We had started to have freshly squeezed orange juice everyday.I knew grapefruit juice was bad, so I started reading up on other juices. We stopped drinking it 10 days ago and sure enough his BP has stabilised.Im just hoping that we have found the problem .Thought this may be helpful.