Flu jab shortage

Has anybody had problems getting the flu jab. We had an appointment had to go to another surgery and our appointment was 4.12 when we got there at that time there was a big queue in front of surgery and it was pouring with rain we didnt wait. I phoned Boots and they had run ut of jabs . I wonder what we have got to do with this virus going round to get our much needed flu jab. Norma.

My partner and I had no problem here in Worcestershire. We are fortunate to belong to an old fashioned practice that notifies us individually when the jab is available. We booked separately and I had mine on September 9th and my partner a week later. Because I am partly disabled, the nurse organising the one way system sat me on the car park wall and someone came out and did me there. Fortunately, it was a lovely sunny day.

I think our practice also does over 70s and people with underlying health conditions first.

I have made another appointment in 2 weeks time will try again. Thanks for your reply we have had a flu jab for years and never had any trouble like this before.