@CommunityAdmin @Nicola_Moderator

I wonder if either of you could explain why over the past week or so the flair on my avatar keeps changing?

Originally it was an orange one Z, a purple S, then an anchor, and now it’s a bomb!

This latest one, seems to me, to be a little incendiary (pun intended).

I don’t think this conveys a very positive reflection on my character, to say I’m a little annoyed doesn’t cover it!

If the flair can’t be a positive attribute and you don’t communicate any changes, then stop using them!



Hi @BakersBunny,

The flair option is available to individuals who are part of a group, and the icon is set up by the group admin. I have checked the different icons and cannot locate or identify the ‘bomb’ icon. We’re aware of an issue with flairs being ‘unset’ or removed from profile pictures. For those who have access to set a flair, there is an option to reset it. However, I can see that you don’t appear to have this option to set or reset a flair on your account and we cannot remove or reset flairs without this option from our side either. We have raised this issue with the development team to further investigate the cause of your experience with the flairs. Please raise a ticket through the service desk here so that we can update you with any further developments.

Many thanks