Hi I Am 3 years post stroke and I'm still struggling  with certain things but I have a good support network.  However last Saturday  night I was just about to order some food  the next thing I know I'm waking up in hospital  after having a fit .  It has scared me  more than the stroke cose I cant remember anything were as with the stroke I remembered everything.I am petrified I going to have another one. Has any one else had fits.

No I havent had any fits but I have had dozens of less traumatic shortcomings. Some resulting in blues and twos. I reckon its all my errant brain trying to sort itself out.

I think I am about your age group, having retired three years before stroke.

We are far less likely to have a stroke than our peer group. We have rested, dieted, exercised and now take blood thinners BP tablets etc so we are much less likely to stroke.

Maybe its not stroke related ? Please try your best to stop worrying and to relax as best you can. You were chosen to survive a stroke and many dont make it. You did. You are special.

Smile a lot as this will at least kid your brain that all is wonderful

Best wishes


Hi. I have had post stroke seizures since April which was 5 months after my stroke. The worst was in August when I blacked out and then they were diagnosed as post stroke seizures. Am on Levetiracetam. The dosage has been upped following each seizure and I now have Clobazam to take if one starts and it worked. It has now been 2 months since my last one and although at times it feels I could have one I have found resting has helped. They are a real pain in the proverbial. I understand how scary it can be when it first happens. There is quite a lot of information about them on the Stroke Association website. All the best.