hi, my name is William and my partner Shane is 16 months post Stroke. Today, he had a fit at first I thought he was having another Stroke and I was terrified, I rang 999 for an ambulance and stayed with my partner until the paramedics arrived. Shane slowly came round within 20 mins or so, as if nothing ever happened but I was still shaking like you couldn’t believe. Tests and head scan were found to be okay and we were sent home and had been informed our GP will contact us in a few days. My question is, has anyone else been prone to having fits and is there anything I could do to help him? I was really scared and I’d be grateful of your advice. Thank you, Will

Hi William I hope you don’t mind me replying to you, my partner gary had his stroke in February this year he’s been home from hospital 6 weeks now and recovery has been slow.

he hasn’t had any episodes like you’ve mentioned but it is something like that I always seem to dread the unknown I suppose.

just know I feel for you both and hope things continue to progress good luck 

Hi Will  -  that is a very scary scenario, but really great work by yourself for staying calm and reassuring for Shane.  Pleased that the scans were clear, and hopefully that will not recurr, and the news from the GP will be ok.

Best wishes, xx

Thank you ❤️

Thank you ? And I wish you all best and a great recovery for Gary too.