Fist night home after having a stroke

Today is my first night home after having my stroke on the 09/05 and I’m having full blown anxiety over going to sleep incase it happens again and I don’t wake I hardly slept in hospital due to this reason but I’m absolutely shattered but just can’t turn off every little twich or pain and I’m thinking it’s happening again



You are in good company. Everyone here knows exactly how traumatic the whole horrid thing is.
You will survive, things will steady down but it is a big waiting game with nothing happening.
We don’t want anything to happen anyway though do we?

Slowly you will gain control over the fear and suddenly you will realise, yes, you are still here.

You have a lot off hurdles to confront and get over, this thing has put you on a long road, but it does lead to a happier place and you will get there. Be brave, be kind to yourself and to those around you.
. . . and as I tell myself

keep on keepin’ on
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Tonight you will sleep!
I’m 3yrs post stroke and I’m still here and I think @Bobbi is 3 or 4 yrs post stroke and there are many others on here who had them long ago, in fact there is one member here who had his stroke as a small child.

The other reason you may not be able to switch off and sleep is your brain is busy doing repairs and it’s out of sync. Now you have all this reassurance from the forum try to relax and allow your mind to rest :people_hugging:


@annie39 Just popping by to say hi & welcome. Sorry you’ve had a stroke i hope you did manage to get some sleep. Ut is natural to be anxious but as each day passes the anxiety will hopefully reduce.

I hope you get a great night’s sleep tonight. Your brain needs the rest to help it repair.

Best wishes

Ann x


Thank you think I managed about three hours here’s hoping for better tonight


@annie39 it’s not comfortable. Your fears I think are quite understandable. Did Dr not give you a few days supply of sedation to help you sleep which would give your body a rest and should boost your confidence. You’re going through a traumatic event just now and if this is your first night at home with no nurses, noise etc around then you need maybe a bit of distraction in your room. I use a small bird sound generator just loud enough to hear and that helps me relax and distract me from uncomfortable intrusive thoughts. At the moment I’m scared to go away from the house unaccompanied in case I take another “event”. It’s been been like that a few months now. Sound generator came from well known online Store Amazon. Follow this forum and you’ll get better advice than above from more experienced new friends. :slightly_smiling_face: @IanM


@annie39 Well done :+1:. @IanM

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