First time post, supporting my partner

Hi there, this is my first time posting and felt I wanted to reach out.

37 days ago, my fiancé developed symptoms, which was later diagnosed as a Right Lacunar Stroke.

He had pins and needles all down the left side of his body, which over 3 days extended from his arm to his leg and face and remained permanently there. He spent a night in hospital to keep an eye on him, as his scans, BP and bloods all came back normal after being diagnosed with a stroke. He was discharged by all the therapists’ as he was able to safely eat, drink, talk and walk.

We have been to the GP and are awaiting his appointment with his consultant in a few weeks but felt that I wanted to reach out to here to see if anyone had any advice of how perhaps they have managed their symptoms.

I believe he may have CPSP, as the pins and needles are still present, having travelled to his lips and buttocks on the left side. The community stroke team were amazing and really supported him when discussing mental health, as he also has depression, previously diagnosed. He also gets pain in his leg at times.

Whilst I have seen that having a bath sometimes increases the pain for him, I was wondering if anyone had any ideas of small exercises that he can do from home whilst I chase up the appointment with the consultant but also may reach out to the community stroke team.

He puts on a brave face and doesn’t often complain of it but I have seen and can tell that it does bother him.

He is off work so has been getting the rest at home but the tiredness, headaches, the pins & needles and the pain he gets are still there affecting him.

I complete the housework around my job and that’s something I am used to doing from previously being an informal carer so doesn’t impact me, as my aim is to ensure he rests and takes things at a pace that suits him.

Thank you


HI @Gatesie02



There are many many carers and parents and spouses and friends etc on here.

It’s great that you want to find out a bit more!

has he had an MRI or CT scan?

that is important

but you looking after yourself is too.

I just want to say welcome and have a look at this if you feel up to it:

So sorry you’re on this journey. I am 10 months in from 3 ischemic strokes and it is hard for my friends and family.

Please keep us posted about your journey and ask questions!!

Lots of love,

Kieran xx

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Here is a picture of some polar bears to cheer you up!!

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Yes, he has had both at the Hospital. They have said it was an ischemic stroke. He is on 2 medications now for it

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For paraesthesia (pins & needles) I have my vibration board (Lifepro vibration plate) . This settles it down when I have this problem ( most days ). Otherwise I would try my cordless massage gun.

This is just a singular opinion based on what helps me

Good luck, ciao, Roland

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That’s some info at least!! Hope he’s able to rest a bit.

If you search the meds on here then you might get some info!

Stay cool


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sorry I’m not sure if this link worked first time but do have a look if you can as it’s got lots of stuff you may find useful in it…

Hope today is ok.


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Initially, my Radiologist friend thought that the vibration board would aggravate the pins n needles… I suspended use for a week, but when I resumed the vibration board the paraesthesia pacified… quite the opposite from what one might expect.

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Hi @Gatesie02
Welcome indeed, although sorry you’ve had caused join us .

There’s a normal caveat that none of us are medically trained so you should treat anything I say as dubious but not as dubious as that polar bear :slight_smile:

My understanding and it is only mine is that he wouldn’t have CPSP
it’s a condition that comes on about 4 months after stroke. If you read the welcome post it will touch on how to search and if you search you’ll then find there’s a long thread on it. I can say with certainty I’ve got my fingers crossed that he doesn’t develop it . It can be exceptionally nasty

It’s very very very common to have pins and needles and or loss of sensation and hypersensation and every variation after a stroke & they’ll potentially come and go. It’s also common for stuff to gradually return to an approximation of normal although the time scales for gradual can be a month a year or a decade. Only time will tell .

Post stroke life is often a roller coaster. Weird sensations occur and disappear for me and I think most of us over time - I’m 3 years post this weekend!

As the welcome post says this is a good place to ask questions and share your story.

As a carer the system is not set up to recognise you have significant needs to. So reach out for help wherever you can find it and take it. This is a team marathon so pace yourself because it is important that you’re there in the latter stages as well as the early stages and if you burn yourself out then as a team you’ll not make the progress but there is potential for

  • so once again sorry you have joined the club ( isn’t it nice to know there’s no waiting list!) And welcome

Ciao Simon

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@Gatesie02 just popping by to say hi & welcome to the forum. Hope you find it a useful place to be & please ask loads of questions if you need to there’s usually someone who can help.

I hope your fiancé gets his follow up appointments soon.

Don’t forget to look after yourself too. It’s really important as the stroke journey is a long one.

Best wishes