First Tia Dec 23

Hi there

Just found this forum.

I had my first Tia just under a week ago. I am 60, generally good health, none smoker, not overweight BMI 23 and drink little alcohol.

Any advice gratefully received

Thx Ms Jacks

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Hi @MsJacks

Welcome to the best club in town that doesn’t have a waiting list because nobody actually wants to join :slight_smile:

The place for you to start is probably here - although if you’ve had a TIA rather than a stroke you may not need quite all of the advice :slight_smile:

Click the blue text

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@MsJacks welcome, just ask whatever questions you like and somebody will answer you. The medical advice to prevent stroke is don’t drink, don’t smoke, exercise and don’t get overweight. You are living proof that it can happen to anyone and if you’re going to have a stroke you’ll have one. Seriously don’t worry too much, look after yourself and I hope your Tia will be the end of it. Good luck and best wishes.
If you have any ongoing problems from your Tia please ask here for help and somebody will help you.


Good Morning

Thanks for the replies, the hospital says a TIA is a mini stroke - I guess I am lucky it wasn’t more. Still quite wobbly on my feel and when I bend down my balance is shocking. I have an appointment this Weds at ‘stroke unit’ so I am hoping for more answers.
I guess I am fearful of it progressing to more, I love to drive and can’t just now ( we live in a remote village so it causes issues)
Catch you all soon
Ms Jacks


@MsJacks hi & welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear you’ve had a TIA. Hopefully you are now on medication to reduce the risk of anything else happening. Good luck with your appointment on Weds. Write down any questions you have so you don’t forget them & you may want to adk them what follow up tests they’re going to do so they can find cause / rule out anything that might be a risk factor.

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Hi @MsJacks just wanted to welcome you to the forum :grinning:
And now you know strokes are not just for old folk. Some folk get to grow old gracefully but we are just thrown straight in at the deep end :woozy_face: And unfortunately it’s not age, health or fitness discriminate, they can only reduce the risk. There’s another newbie on here @MrSpratt who can attest to that, he was only 9mths old.

I am almost 2yrs post TIA’s as I had mine on Christmas day, so if all continues to improve, you should be back behind the wheel any time over the coming months. I can’t tell you not to be fearful as I’m sure the doctors have already warned you of the risks, you’re not out of the woods just yet. Hopefully with the medication your put on you won’t have any further events, but certainly it is wise to not drive for the next couple months.
Good luck for Wednesday at the stroke unit :smile: