First Rime posting


I joined up a while ago but havent been on here much but found the site very helpful with some queries. I had a stroke on the 2/01/2019, so much for the old saying maybe next year will be better. It basically affected my vision but I did find that I am battling to understand things and am feeling fatigued . I had one review after the stroke which really I thought the consultant was going to discuss my stroke but basically all he asked was how I was feeling and showed me out the door. My daughter who went with me and I were quite disgusted. I had an OT visit who checked me over and sorted out a problem but because it was not a physical problem there was not much she could do. i also had a stroke nurse come round and she did one telephone follow up and havent heard from her since. The problem is I still find that even after all this time I still feel the fatigue and still having problems with my vision in that my eyes seem to get puffy and then my vision blurs. Also having problems judging distance. I do go for 3 monthly eye tests as im diabetic and there is absolutely nothing wrong with the eyes themselves so I think it has to be neurologic. Now trying to explain this to my doctor has been a big problem because all they say is that Opthamology says there is nothing wrong with your eyes which is true of course. I have eventually after asking for three months about this problem managed to get them to refer me a diiferent type of Opthamology which will hopefully know what im talking about. Also just wondering if its normal for the fatigue to last so long. Sorry its all a bit jumbled up. 

Hi Andy. I am four years post stroke and still get fatigue. It hit me on my first day home and has eased, but not gone away. Mind you I was 72 at the time of my stroke so some of the fatigue may be age related. Post stroke fatigue is widely known about but little understood. All you can do is listen to your body and rest when it tells you to. What I find odd about my fatigue is that it comes on around 11am every day, when I have only been up 4 hours. I nap at 12.30 pm and can then last 11 hours before bedtime. Very odd.

I cannot help you on vision, other than to say that I am diabetic and have eye problems anyway. My left eye on my stroke side seems to suffer from dry eye these days, but I do have sinus problems. I was told that stroke reduced my peripheral vision in my left eye.

You are still in the early days of your recovery and so I hope things improve for you.