First Flu Jab

Morning everyone. I'm going for my very first flu jab this afternoon. GP has been pestering me since I was entitled to one on the NHS (I'm 68) but I've always turned it down before because most people I know who have had it advised against it as it makes you feel ill for a while.  I've never had flu. However, as the Covid rate is high in our area, I think it might be wise to give it a go.

GP says I might feel a bit feverish for a couple of days and a but yuk but will be fine after that Eek!  Interested to hear how others on here have gone on with it.  


Good luck, I am having mine also for the very first time next week and feeling anxious.

I am 67 and like yourself having mine for the same reasons I am sure you will be fine, but well done for

My partner and I have both had the flu jab for years. One year we both got flu, because the jab didn't contain the virus that was about that year. Last year I had a bit of a reaction, this year none.

I have it good authority (a source with NHS connections) that this year the over 70s and those with underlying health conditions are getting the best jab available this year. My source also told me that the over 70s and vulnerable will be told to shield all winter. This has not been announced yet. We'll see.

Thanks for the information it really helped to know how other people are coping with it have cooked with it in the past and what their thoughts are of it going forward

I hate needles. But i always have the flu jab. This year the needle was nigh on painless and i had no problems afterwards. Wife did have irritation in the arm for two days, but thats trivial compared to flu. Especially this winter, when we will all be thinking it might be the covid 19. I get an impression that my surgery used the flu jab as a practice run for when the covid 19  might be available. They phoned me, and it was over 65s only. A dedicated tent was set up and it was in and out in seconds.


When i worked for a GP practice i learnt that the annual jab only covers expected viruses and one year in particular a flu virus got on the scene after the jab was determined. I try to think of the hundreds of virus that it does zap.


Good morning! Since I was found to be pre-diabetic a year before my stroke I had been given flu jabs annually. I don't feel any side effects and it helps settle my mind knowing I am somehow protected against influenza. So I suggest go for it. A few days of feeling yuk is definitely worth it. If you are lucky you will not feel yuk at all. ☺

Thanks everybody.  Thankfully, I don't have any fear of needles at all unlike my daughter who has to be virtually held down to get one in her arm. Lord knows who she takes after for that one but not me or her Dad!  

Hubby had a flu jab at work about five years ago (age 55) and he was 'off it' for about 3 months so never had another one. He has, however, had the pneumonia jab and, other than a couple of days feeling tired, he was fine. He's had pneumonia 3 times so got that on the nhs.

I've cancelled all appointments till next week just in case!

I'll let you know how I go on. Good luck for next week!

Hello Onwards and Upwards

My husband and I had our flu jabs about three weeks ago and, as in previous years, had no problems at all. The injection site can be a bit tender for a while. I try to remember to have it on the opposite side to the one I lie on in bed, so I don't feel it when sleeping. I think it's most sensible to have had it and I'm sure you'll be fine. I do hope a jab will be developed for COVID-19  in the not too distant future.

With best wishes,

Anne xxx

Thanks Anne - I had it done and, apart from a dull ache where the needle went in, I am absolutely fine.  So far, so good!  They did it in a car park next to the Health Centre under a pagoda type tent (like you see for Covid) I could have driven through but I had already parked in the car park so walked through instead. It took all of 30 seconds!

I had my jab yesterday and feel absolutely fine today. Just a dull ache at the top of my arm but no 'flu like' symptoms so far.  I've cancelled my gym and other stuff in my diary till next week so if I do feel yuk, I can rest.    If I'm OK, I will definitely have it every year now.  I've never had flu but I know people who have and it has taken them weeks to get over it so fingers crossed. Thanks for everybody's input - much appreciated yes

Well done Brenda!  I've been having a flu jab for several years now, I felt a bit vulnerable when I was teaching, so many yukky bugs around!!  Never had a problem fortunately, and usually completely painful at the pointy end!!

xxx  Stay well.  ?

So pleased to hear all went well.  Great too that you were able to walk through from the car park. I'm not yet able to walk outside. I'm walking indoors with a quad stick and a splint on my weak left leg (dropped foot), but the only attempt outside on the very uneven surface on the lane outside our house, didn't go very well, so until my leg feels a bit stronger and I feel more confident, I'm giving it a miss.

I'm going out this afternoon to have my hair cut, so there's another little challenge, getting in and out of the car. It's all good practice  though and physio in disguise.


Anne. xxx

Nothing like a bit of pampering to make you feel good. I'm going next week for mine cutting and... wait for this.... I've an appointment with my hygeinist next week too YAY. !!!!! Normally have teeth cleaned every 3 months but due to complete shutdown of our dentist from March until now other than emergency pain, it's been 10 months since my clean and check up.

You're right every little movement helps and is physio in disguise :) 


Oh dear, I haven't been to the dentist since before my stroke. I am however going to the opticians next week and it will be interesting to see if my eyesight has altered much. I haven't noticed any great change but I wouldn't mind a new pair of glasses!  You're right a pampering does give one a lift and a bit of retail therapy is very good for you also.

Love, Anne xx


Hi Brenda - hope your bank balance is prepared ... about 2 weeks ago I had my annual mouth health check, and clean/polish etc = £127.00 !!!!  I'm still trying to recover from the shock!!  I think I'll have to do my own bargain basement pampering!!  

Good luck xxx

Wow, that's expensive!  Usually I pay £18 for a check up and £37 for a hand scale (sensitive teeth!) and polish and flouride applied to stop sensitivity.   Although, no doubt they will complain it will take longer because I haven't been for so long....  and that's my fault because????!!!!

Luckily, I am in the hospital fund so I get all my dental care costs refunded up to £500 for the year so I'm well in credityes x

I've had my jab every year since I was entitled, i'm also 68. Never experienced any side effects at all, neither has my wife.


First flu jab booked for the 22nd of this month