First birthday with a stroke?

Well it's my 62 birthday today first one with a stroke. Life goes on been working in my backyard making it better then it has been with decking and cladding etc my wife is working and daughteron holiday so just got on with the DIY hope everyone has had a good day

Happy Birthday birthday was two days ago...first one with a stroke too. It's the big 60 for me next year. Hope I feel better than I do at the mo. Suffering anxiety, BP high and not stable, tearful a lot. Been so busy that its only been the last few days I have had time to reflect on how serious my stroke was, and now I feel worried all the time. Gonna give the GP a call tomorrow. Been reading about post-stroke PTSD, and want to explore how I can deal with all of this stuff going on in my head. Have been so positive until this last week. Will see what help I can get. It's still early days for me, stroke happened at end of April.

Hi yes having a stroke can be hard me was mild balance and coordination is still not right but is the fatguie that gets me. Mine happen in may I am a carer in the community but have been off on SSP for four months only got two months left then SSP ends I have ask for ESA but waiting for the paper work to turn up. My wife works but if I don't get ESA and I cannot work things will be very tight. Is there s stroke team near you. Also on Facebook  there is a private group you can join called different strokes it is s very good website for people with strokes hope it goes well with your GP all the best des if you need support anytime just write in this site Des

Penblwydd hapus Des, the weather seems to be holding up, so I hope you felt some proper nice hard work tiredness as opposed to fatigue. 

I think it's both lol hope all is well

60 is no age ;I wish I was tnat age again!


Hi Des.  My husband (aged 71) had a stroke in November 2020 and was in hospital for 3 months.  As soon as he could he got back out into the garden, as he always did, and it was the best therapy.  Our garden has looked so good all summer, and he is at his best outside, sorting the decking etc. and growing vegetables.  Good luck.


Glad he is recovering well. Best wishes des