Finger nails

I'm 2 years post stroke with the usual issues. Just wondered if anyone else has had a problem with their finger nails since their stroke. I have left sided weakness and a while ago I lost the nail on my big toe on my left foot and more recently my finger nails on my left hand are starting to lift. They're not painful. I have mentioned it to a couple of professionals but no one seems to know anything about it ? Any ideas ??

Dear Susan

Left sided weakness sounds a small deal but in fact it is quite a big problem. I ignored my LSW as other problems were much greater. Now I regret my ignorance. My right side is wearing out from the pressure that the left side isnt pulling its weight. 

I would ask a GP about the nail thing, with minimal mention of the stroke.

I assume you havent knocked the nails. 

Not sure I know what are usual issues after two years. I have all along wanted to know what might happen next, but there are no answers. And I still want to know what might happen after four years. Very little info is forthcoming.

Hope you are OK and progressing

Best wishes



Usual issues being, vision, loss of appetite, sense of smell,body temperature ?, Fatigue,other than that, all ok ?. Not suggesting LSW is a small deal, far from it,Although I'm working hard and walking with the aide of an Fes pace, I also use  Fes on my left arm,


Hope your recovery is going well






Thats good stuff Sue. I was stupid in ignoring LSW and now its hard to correct. I will get there eventually.

Before stroke I was a right faddy eater. I didnt enjoy many foods. Immediately after stroke my appetite improved aout of all expectation. I looked forward to , and ate, the hospital food. 

The sense of smell can be odd. Some food tastes foul, when in fact its fine. This has eased and improved a lot.

You have a good attitude and that will help you along this long and tortuous journey.


Best wishes