Finally, Progress and Stability

It’s been 2½ years since my stroke and last night was a very bad night’s sleep.
This morning I’d have thought it was a bad dream only it started before I’d gone up to bed. But the result is, I think my hips have unlocked and I feel my foot-drop is no more :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :pray: :sweat_smile:

Bear in mind my stroke side is the right side not the left. Before I went to bed my left hip was giving me some sharp pains and twinges which worried me because that’s an artificial hip. By the time I got into bed I was convinced the hip was failing and I’d be legless by morning. I was getting pains and twinges all round the hip, buttocks and into the lower back and all the way down my left leg.

Thought I’d have to get the crutches out of the loft in the morning. I had visions of me spending the day in A&E too the pains were getting that bad. I say pains but they weren’t all pain, there were tingling’s and numbness, clicks and snaps too and the stroke leg was trying to come out in sympathy with the left :roll_eyes: And then the little pain which I get in stroke leg down the seam of the right outer thigh just twanged and disappeared. I say seam, because it runs down in line with the seam of my trousers :smile: Though I think it’s sneaking back now.

And the panic in my mind was building right along with the pains no matter what I tried to do to stop it, it was uncontrollable and not at all like me. Then after several hours of it all building to such a crescendo, suddenly it all just stopped! I wanted to get up and test things out but I was just too exhausted by then and fell asleep 'til 1pm today :laughing:

I’ve not got any pain anywhere just now and as far as I can tell the left hip is behaving normally as though nothing had ever happened. But I am feeling some muscle rippling here and there from time to time.

The gym session I did last Friday was mainly concentrated on arms and upper back. Although I did finish off on the leg press and cross trainer while waiting for my daughter and I pushed it a little. Mind you I raised the weight on everything that day and I’ve been feeling it ever since :sweat_smile: Whatever I did I think that’s what’s brought me to a night of pain and freedom :laughing:.

I do feel more balanced and stable and the hips are looser. My true test will be at tomorrow’s strength & balance class.

To all those who dream for those days, progress comes when you least expect it…and always in the middle of flipping night for me :persevere: :sweat_smile:


@EmeraldEyes great to hear that things seem to have improved for you today - although i’m sure you’d have preferred to get there without all the accompanying pain.

I have my fingers crossed it remains that way for you now. Just shows how we can improve wgen we least expect it & had probably accepted that this is how things will remain.

So pleased for you xx

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Yes, that’s why I thought I should post about it. I’d resigned myself to this that I’d always have foot-drop as I know a few from my aphasia group who’ve been left with it for many years. The true tell will be later this evening, that’s usually when it drags the most. Right now, I keep walking around testing it but this is it’s optimal time of day for behaving anyway :sweat_smile:

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I’m always really pleased to hear when people have made progres; big or small. I have a sort of foot drop (it’s a very long story) & your post has given me a bit more hope.

I’m thrilled for you xx


I remember at the time I was having physio after the stroke, the physio seemed to think the foot drop was coming from the hip and not actually the foot. So I suppose she was right there because last night was all about pain radiating from the hips :sweat_smile:

@EmeraldEyes Wow! I’ve heard that just before a breakthrough (like you’ve had) that there are suddenly worse symptoms such as more numbness, tingling, and even pain. Thank goodness it turned out for the better. Sorry though that you had such pain and anxiety.
If you don’t mind, do you attribute this to strength training, walking, anything specific?
My hip seems to run the show and If I have a bad hip day, all the other areas on the right join in with bad news.
I’m happy for you.
regards, Derek


Seems the physio knew what they were talking about after all :rofl::rofl:

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I can tell you because you might understand what I’m talking about better than some maybe :laughing: I think it was the seated leg press machine at the gym that did it for me in the end :laughing: I went up one weight plate but the one below that had stuck to it when I pressed out. Naturally I wasn’t expecting the extra weight and something slightly clicked or shifted in my hip and I thought oops and slammed the weight down again. Everything seemed fine so I carried on with the correct weight and then my legs started stiffening up next day and the rest is history :smile:


@EmeraldEyes Thanks, I’ve been doing sit-to-stand squats with dumbbells and the leg extension machine. Next week??? to the LEG PRESS. Maybe I’ll get my Glimmer.


Whilst waiting for dinner to cook I’ve been testing out a few things :smile:
My foot placement and planting seems to have improved, it’s coming more naturally in line with my left now when not looking than it used to.
And the heel doesn’t want keep wanting to lift up anymore when doing forward bends. Also it is staying planted firmly on the floor when I do them, instead of the foot trying to roll out the way. What’s more, I didn’t even need a wall to my back when I did them, tonight I did them in the middle of the kitchen floor without any support or props :smiley:

I keep praying that it all remains that way come tomorrow :pray: :pray: :pray: :sweat_smile:


@EmeraldEyes I know what you mean., When I woke up one morning and my double vision was just about gone I yelled to my wife; “Honey, my eyes are normal, my eyes are normal”. The joy was so great.
After that I would keep checking to see if they would go back to Double again…paranoia set in. But it lasted and here’s hoping this lasts for you.
Good vibes and prayers.