Finally i meet my brother

Hello everyone ??


I want to share the best and the most emotional day i had today.?

Tuesday finally i meet up with my brother outside hospital. 

He, physio therapist and occupation therapist came outside hospital.

We went all to coffee shop. PT bought for us nice coffee. Honestly i didn't expect something like that.

I bought for brother shoes. I even put them on myself. He was really happy finally have them on.

It was lunch time soo PT wanted to bring brother some food. As i have home mande sandwich told him i can give brother. You can't imagine how brother was happy. He just grabbed from my hands and eat it like its the most tasty sandwich in the world. Bless him.


Later we went all to do small shoping as they will make pizza next day. They made special list with ingredients (pictures) and brother have to try finde everything in shop. He was good and found them with little help. I ask OT can i pay for that and she sayed that she pay now and later NHS will pay back to her as it for training.

Shame we couldn't hug each other and have to wear masks, but we touched hands anyway(i have it sanitizer)

It was first time when brother went outside and get fresh air in three months and first time when he went to shop. 

When the time came to say goodbye my brother he was in tears. I try calm him down and told him i will definitely visit him again when i can.

After he went back to hospital i was in tears all the way. And later when i sit down and wait for train brother call me. He was still with tears. Not so clearly but say "Thank you for everything". 

I didn't write everything here because it will be long post but generally he is doing really well. Slowly but step by step he going forward.

Take care and best wishes 


Im soo happy and thankful for hospital and staff who care about my brother. Couldn't expect better. Feeling really glad. 

Sorry for long post, my emotions go over. And really thank you for your amazing support.

 Never give up, have faith even no one believe in you. You can do it and you will. SISTER POWER sending you hugs and love ???❤️❤️❤️???

Hi Raminta

I am so pleased for you it has made my day reading your post??

Never give up hope, my son aged 32 had a stroke nearly one year ago.He lost all movement in his right side,slowly step by step  he is improving and needs only a small amount of help.

We celebrate every achievement no matter how small,encourage and support him on his journey. 

Life will improve for you both,he is so lucky to have you as a sister.

Remember to look after yourself 


Hi Joste

Thank you for your message. Im glad your son is getting better ??

Comparing how brother was few months ago (April) he's improved a lot. The same like your son his right side is paralysed and on top of that he have Aphasia. So the biggest problem is communication now. He is strong boy (27 years) and fighter. Proud of him❤️

I do care about my self as much as i can. Not gona lye its very hard psychology. That's why i try tallk with somebody who is in similar situation. Because no one else can understand you 100%.

Best wishes to you and your son?


A lovely, uplifting story after such a long time separated due to the Covid.  Just being able to get outdoors and smell fresh air after so long is wonderful.  I'm so glad he is making good progress.

Good morning ☀️

I can't wait when i will be able to see him again. I miss him already. You can see how is important for him small thinks and how he value that. He was enjoying even rain. I bealive he and all stroke survivors value small things more than never before.

Take care and best wishes ???


Hi Raminta, so pleased to hear that you finally got together  with your brother and he is doing well, what an emotional  day it must have been for both of you. It will be a great support  for him to know that he has you by his side through his journey  of recovery. He's  a lucky man to have such an amazing sister. Keep up the good work but you must take good care of yourself  too.

Regards  Sue 

Good morning Sue?

Thank you for your message 

He is my little brother (27 years) in UK he have only me. All family is in our country (Lithuania) soo everything going on my shoulders. I do feel depressed sometimes because whats happened to him and that i can't be with him more often. He have Aphasia as well. My boyfriend he complaining about my. He sayed that i forgot him what is absolutely not true. Later when we was tallking about our feelings he said probably he is jealous. I hope he will behave better because i need him like never before.

Take care ?

Raminta ?

Hi, I'm an emotional wreck reading your latest story!!  Phew!!  So glad that things are in a better place for you all.  Keep strong, and maybe your boyfriend can do his bit by continuing to support you - it's difficult for others to grasp how much this takes over your life, but this will gradually ease, so hang in there.  

Wishing your brother lots of strength for his recovery, homemade pizza sounds delicious ?!!  It's such early days, make sure he gets plenty of time to rest, this will allow his injured brain to try to repair itself.  Think of sleep as a friend, and welcome opportunities to rest.


Good morning NicABella21 ?

Thank you for your message. Hope you are well. 

Im really happy with hospital where he is bless them all?

And im proud of brother to not giving up and figh to recover ?

I know sleeping is helping. Always i telling him go rest and take some sleep. 

Just that Aphasia worry it me i wish one day he can ask me something not just answering me some questions. 

Can't wait when i see him again. He will have birthday end of August so i hope i will be able to visit him and celebrate a bit?

Take care 


Ah, that would be lovely if you could celebrate his birthday together - I will send all good wishes for that occasion.  

(I once taught a lovely child from Lithuania, they promised to try to teach me some vocabulary, but unfortunately that never happened ?, so I can only send you good wishes in English!!)

Take good care xx ?

Oh dear raminta I am so very happy for you both. I hope things progress well for your brother. Keep in touch and stay strong. Love judyx

Sorry for late reply ?

I do hope i will be able to visit brother before his birthday ??

Ow thats interesting that you meet Lithuania child ☺️Good wishes- Geriausi linkejimai ?

Tace care and best wishes to you as well ?❤️

Hi Judy ?

Sorry for the late reply and thank you for messaging me. He is doing small progress but he is doing really well. Im proud of him?

Take care and best wishes to you?❤️

I am so happy for you that he is progressing. Love judyx

What a lovely update Raminta, I hope you get to spend your brothers birthday together. Best wishes Katy x

Thank you Katie ???❤️Take care and best wishes to you ?


Hi Raminta, hope this finds you well. I have been  looking at  some old posts and was wondering  how your brother is doing. Hope he is well and recovering  slowly.  Take care and stay safe.

Regards Sue

Oh raminta what wonderful news. I was only thinking of you both today. Your dear brother must feel so happy. I hope that you can be together again soon. Love for you both. Judyxx

Hi Sue?

Thank you for messaging me?

He is doing amazing progress?Few days ago i finde out from hospital that he is able to decide about his surgery for head(5 months he is without par of skull) He have Aphasia. He start understand a lot even in english. Its just dificult to say words. I had some lessons from speech therapist how to talk with him. I sow how he stand up on his own ?i hope soon he will be strong to try walk. His arm still the same no movement. But i have faith for everything ❤️

Take care 


Hi Judy

I hope soo too i can visit him soon. His birthday is end of this month. He is doing really well. His memory slowly back. Its hard for him to say something because of Aphasia but he do understand a lot now?❤️

Take care and best wishes ?