Fighting for a fit note following stroke

Wow, very helpful, thank you

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There’s one run by the Stroke Association online activities - used to be led by Nicola but is probably now Lisa or somebody.

Strangely they don’t advertise it here and if I do the post will be deleted based on actual recent track record… %-( ?wtf? So you have to go to the stroke association website and then look for online activities and then register and then they will send you a link to the program of activities - doubt you’ll have to wait till October



There’s some stroke clubs in Sheffield, I hoping to be rehoused there, close to my daughter, so they look hopeful :grinning:


Just a few little communication tips which might help you when communicating with professionals…and certainly medical professionals should recognise Aphasia!
Communication card | Stroke Association shop

You will be surprised by just how many people out there do actually understand and will slow down/take time with you and give you the time you need to get your words out :slightly_smiling_face:
Don’t forget, they can’t see your Aphasia, its not like a broken leg, so they won’t know unless you tell them.

Write down everything that needs to be discussed prior to seeing people like doctors, and take it with you.

You can do this on paper/smartphone/ipad whatever and have it handy as a reminder of all that needs to be discussed or to show a person whenever your words fail you.

Have the words “I’ve had a stroke and have Aphasia so struggle with my speech, but I understand perfectly” (if you do). Put that as the top line. This should instantly alert the person to take time and be patient with you. You can test this on your gp’s receptionist, if they don’t adjust to your needs then they’ve failed, because gp receptionist should all be trained in how to treat their patients appropriately.

If over the phone, open with “I have Aphasia and struggle with speech…” and go on from there. Get into the habit of always opening any conversation with those words, outside of those who know. More often than not it helps, you’d be surprised how patient and understanding strangers can be. Sometimes I’ve had people offer to write things down for me lest I forget :blush:

You’ve still got a tongue in your head, you’ve just got to learn to use it to your advantage :wink: :blush: