Field vision eye test for dvla

Hi all, my other half had his third field vision eye test in 12 months today. Vast improvement from last years shortly after his stroke. He lost almost his entire left peripheral vision in left eye and got his driving licence revoked. Although todays show a big improvement he still missed 19 lights, I cannot find info anywhere online I have spent hours trying to find other peoples results and just trying to get an understanding of the diagram given to him with the dots etc. He sent away a critical exemption form to dvla filled out by hospital consultant confirming he had his hole in heart operation and has fully recovered, along with dvla field vision results in March but they replied sending him for another test… Can anyone tell me their experience of passing or failing and how many lights they missed? I know each case is treated different but I just can’t get any understanding of it. His right eye was 100% fine no missed lights, I have read people with one eye can drive as long as the existing eye can see fully so not really sure what the DVLA are all about making it so bloody hard, I understand they need safe drivers on the road but why treat medical conditions like a criminal offence, think something needs done about that.

Hi. Mrs brightside. Great name by the way! I did my field vision test several months ago and was convinced I had failed as the person organising the test made me do it 3 times and also my husband who was sitting behind me saw me miss several lights. I was amazed when I passed. I don’t know how many lights you are allowed to miss I also tried to find out while waiting for my result. I found the test quite stressful and expected to get a result immediately so was even more convinced I had failed when Specsavers wouldn’t tell me anything! It’s quite a stressful test and I think we should get more info about it so we are prepared to be sitting in a very small enclosed space in the pitch dark.
Sorry I can’t be more helpful but sure other people will have more info to help. I’m still not driving as I have a problem with my left arm and also because I am still suffering with fatigue I really don’t think I could cope with driving yet - or possibly never. Good luck to your husband and hope all goes well for him

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Hi Apple! Yeah it is an immense amount of stress and pressure, that’s great you passed though so pleased for you! I think it’s bizarre specsavers don’t discuss anything about your eye test with you, it’s like they are working against you, not supportive at all. I did about 3 hours of googling today to try and find at least something to explain it all, all I could understand was you can’t get more than 3 missed lights in row but who knows! I can’t drive so feel I need to do something and if that means research then so be it :joy: Thanks for your reply :relaxed:

Not sure if this will help at all @Mrsbrightside but it does give a bit of info. I think it really depends on where the dots were missed & you’re unlikely to find out until the DVLA have completed their assesment.

It’s a very stressful situation. Fingers crossed it all works out ok for you.

Ann x

Thanks Ann xx I had a read of that earlier and couldn’t make sense of it either, not having much luck :weary:

I don’t think you’ll find the answer as i think it will depend on many things. It did imply under the exceptional circumstances part that if the condition had been present for a year & was not a progressive condition then theres a chance you can drice again subject to a DVLA driving assessment.

I think your best bet is to try not to stress about it & wait out the DVLA decision. I know that’s not what you want to gear but I think you may be on a wild goose chase. xx

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I can’t get my licence but it’s not good but all the drivers feel safe :joy::rofl::joy:

@Apple @Mrs5K not really an update of such but the dvla called and said the eye test from yesterday is with the dr now along with the critical exception form (assuming a dvla dr) to decide what to do next :crossed_fingers:t3:

@Mrsbrightside :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

Mrsbrightside Fingers crossed. Really hope your husband gets the ok

@Apple @Mrs5K amazing news - we got his licence through this morning! So so happy xxx


@Mrsbrightside that’s fantastic news. New horizons are just around the corner. So pleased for you both xx

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Mrsbrightside. Hurrah! That’s great news. Really pleased for you both. :grinning::grinning::grinning:

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