Feeling you are recovering

I had s serious stroke in 2021 and am 17 months in recovery.

Progress is very slow and I find it difficult to feel any noticeable improvement in my pain on my left side not my cold pain in my left side.

I was wondering if any people who are recovered can voice the signs that this phase of recovery is changing positive ly. I do not know what to expect.

Well I’m now further down the path of recovery, not back and walking my left side is numb and my eyes are still giving left side blindness. Any improvement is very smal although I’m able to get out in shops with my stick and even pressure washed the car no stick which was great but not elegant.

January 2024 will se the 3 year point so praying to be better sooner but not too hopeful.

Welcome. This is a hard one. Mine was also a left side stroke, six years ago. When my left hand came back to life, it was fine during the day, but throbbed with pain at night. I was on medication for the first year but then decided to go with the pain. It lasted an hour and a half then stopped. After a few years it stopped completely. It now lacks sensitivity but is sensitive to pain so that anything that digs into it hurts.

My leg has drop foot but relatively warm. My left arm and hand feel the cold more, probably due to circulation. Improvement post stroke is very slow, but happens. I don’t think there is a general pattern to recovery, because it depends on individual determination, exercise and the individual brain’s ability to rewire itself.

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Hi All,that last sentence of Jeff’s should be read by all to give our troubled brains a rest. Spot on. Every Stroking is different but there are similarities and this is where this Forum comes into its own, this is the place to come to. Pds

Thanks Jeff I will accommodate the pain a bit longer in recovery time o am a near infant if after 6 years I am stil suffering I will look to medicine, hoping work in exercises at the gym through Better Living will give me some relief

Good morning @mrfrederickson and welcome. Sorry I can’t be much help as I fortunately have never experienced any stroke related pain. I too had my stroke in 2021 ( July) and the uncertainty regarding the recovery is something I struggle with. If I could fast forward 6, 12, 24 months to get something solid I think it may be a double edged sword as the hope is always there. I guess looking back and realising how far I’ve come has benefits. Whilst there are no guarantees I will continue to build my strength, to affect the things that I can change and do, it’s all we have. Wishing you all the best with your recovery, Julia

Thanks Julia, my hope changes daily not sure wIhat to hold on to in the Face of so little improve ment. I deal with tlhe never ending ground hog day of symptoms with no end in sight a bit disheartening no medical person can define my recovery it’s too unique as with us all

Thanks Jeff will watch out for my left arm and hand, more time needs to pass before I reach your recovery time length, but very useful to know the hand feels pain, and I canove each digit minutely, but it closed up too often