Feeling tired

hi i had my strokke in may my speech was bad but only for a few days and on the whole am fine lately i feel tired alot mosly in the afternoon i just try to rest and when am tired a few words get mixed up but not all the time am just hoping they will get better in time

Post stroke fatigue hit me on the second day home and is still with me two years later. It starts about 11.30 am every day any by 1pm I need an hour in bed. Am okay afterwards.

Hi Lynnjenny - It's a year since I had my stroke and stroke fatigue is something that hits everyone. The experts say it's your brain telling your body it's tired because of all the hard work your brain is doing in the background trying to fix itself. Like John, I also have a lay down for about 45mins everyday after lunch. This lets me shut out the world for a while and gives my legs a rest. I find my legs tell me when I need to rest as they start to get heavy. 45mins refreshes me enough to see me through till bedtime. I also get words mixed up but we have a good laugh about it. We have been married that long that my husband has grown accustomed to finishing my sentences anyway so he knows what I mean :) 

Dear LynJenny

A high proportion of stroke survivors get "post stroke tiredness". I call it stroke fatigue because its so much more than "tiredness". Many of us (but not me) are OK in the morning but by mid day are cream crackered.

I find it best to get the necessary rest before the fatigue sets in. I get exhausted after just 45 minutes activity. Its a right pain. It does ease as the months tick by. Things do get better.

The loss of speech is "aphasia". I find it best not to fight and stress about it. Rest and more rest seems the right thing to do. Given that we have also often had bits of our memory wiped out. then talking or writing will be different for us. Its all part of the "new person" we have to be after stroke.

Night time sleep is important. As you have already sussed, when you are tired then things dont work so well, such as your speech. So getting good night time sleep is a major goal. Easier said than done, but worth the effort.

good luck


I think it is hard for others to understand just how persistent post stroke fatigue can be I also am over 2 years post stroke and writing today in the midst of fatigue fog. I had a heavy week last week so it is not unexpected. but still upsetting because I had had a rare few days without it and feeling clear headed for the first time in ages. with that positive experience I have hope that with some serious rest it will clear again. I suspect that it will be something that I will need to manage and accept for some time yet. it is one of the hidden effects of stroke that is  hard for others to comprehend


Hi I had mine in March. This morning I am too very tired.. Feel like having a sleep. I have to cook chicken for my cat because she has calicivvirus in her mouth. Just ended up dropping it on the floor

oh no! The chicken, or your cat? Hopefully the chicken! 

Try not to do too much, I know easier said than done when you have other responsibilities, but your health is important and your stroke recovery.

Hope your cat is doing ok and gets to enjoy the chicken 


Hi Lynn

I'm sorry to hear about your stroke!

Many people struggle with post stroke fatigue, and feel that their energy levels are lower than they were before they had their stroke. It doesn’t feel like the type of tiredness that we all feel from time to time; it can make you feel constantly weary and it does not always improve after a rest. You might also find that any other effects you have been left with after your stroke are more noticeable when you feel fatigued.

Although there is no treatment for post-stroke fatigue, there are ways that you can help to manage it.  It is important to pace yourself and taking a break when you start to feel tired can help. Also, try not to push yourself if you're having a day when you have more energy as this might leave you feeling exhausted over the next few days. 

You can find out more about fatigue and how to cope with this in the Advice and information section here - https://mystrokeguide.com/advice-and-information/physical/fatigue

It is good to see you are resting when you can, your body and brain have both been through a lot so do be kind to yourself!

Take care


No the chicken. I slept yesterday. I will be in at the weekend resting Vicky. I did have depression. I suffer with Bipolar it was not that. I have turned it around now . It was too do with shock of what I had been through. My cat is not well either x

Thinking of you, (and the cat), you have a really good attitude, it's such a tough thing to go through, and even little problems seem overwhelming.  Make sure of that rest, let your brain off for the w/end, it has been through a shock as you say.  If you feel up to it, google "Letter from your brain" - it's very emotional, but full of insight and inspiration, best of luck xx

Hi to you, yes I am resting this weekend. I will look that up. I have another illnesses which I have had for years so I think my strength and determination is getting me through this. Hope you have a nice weekend. XX