Feeling sick all the time

Had my Cerebellar stroke 6 weeks ago and first 4 weeks of recovery were good. Last 2 have been terrible, came out in hives last week and haven’t stopped feeling sick for a week now. Have seen GP a couple of times but I’m really struggling. I don’t understand how I had no sickness for a month and now it’s constant! Any ideas please?


@Seerahjane hi it is still early days in your recovery. Speak with your GP again, maybe your medications need adjusting.

It is natural to ascribe all new symptoms to stroke. I think it is something we all do. Ask your gp what else it could be.


Personally I think you are having an allergic reaction to something you are consuming. It could be your medications, for which you should see your doctor so they can adjusted or swap them in a controlled manner that wont be of further risk to your health.

But it might be better actually to first speak with your local chemist who dispenses your medications, they know as much if not more about medications and their allergy risks…and you don’t need an appointment for that.

The chemist might also be saving you an added trip because if it is just an allergy to something you have eaten then the chemist will know what to give you to stop it that won’t clash with any of your other medications.

It could also be the weather, too much heat makes me nauseous and I do break out in hives. I always have to take antihistamines this time of year and drink plenty of water…sometimes with a pinch of salt. I’ve never heard of these symptoms in relation to a stroke though.

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As @Janetb says, it’s normal to ascribe all symptoms to the stroke. Really the first symptoms of my stroke were nausa and vomiting so when I continued to experience them afterwards I wasn’t very surprised. However, investigations (after an admission with dehydration following a bug) showed that I tested positive for H-Pilori. A course of anti-biotics for this made all the difference. While I still experience a small amout of nausea when I’m tired and now know that I need to avoid the heat, it is nothing like as bad as it was before, so do get your symptoms checked out to see if they are actually caused by something else


@Seerahjane i wonder if you are over doing it? If i do too much I feel very nauseous. It could also be meds or perhaps anxiety related.

Hope it passes soon. xx


Thanks everyone, well another month on and things did get better. The hives and nausea disappeared but almost exactly a month on and nausea came back with a vengeance! It seems to coincide with the first 10 days of my monthly cycle but I might just be trying to find a pattern! I am also very anxious so can’t tell if it’s that or if I’m genuinely feeling sick. It is worse when I wake up in the mornings and no I’m not pregnant!!!
I have tried a couple of anti sickness tablets but neither seem to make any difference at all. (Prochlorperazine and cyclizine)
Any help or suggestions appreciated.

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@Seerahjane i know a lot of people complain of much heavier periods as a result of being on blood thinners. Could that be causing it?Hormones do play havoc with our bodies so ot could be related. Keep watching for a pattern you might just find one. Could it be that your anxiety is increased around that time?

I do find i get nausea with my fatigue so check you’re not overdoing things.

I hope it settles for you soon. Xx

Have you considered you could be going through the menopause, have you been tested? All your symptoms can be linked to that too.


Thanks, that’s really interesting I will investigate.