Feeling sad

Before I had my stroke I had applied to be a volunteer at the Commonwealth Games due to be held in Birmingham this summer. Today I found out I have passed the selection process and they’ve offered me, what looks like a really interesting and varied role.
Sadly I have had to decline the offer and I am gutted. This has been an aspiration of mine for a long time but I can’t even manage an hours activity at the moment never mind 8 days in a 2 week period plus all the training this month. I know declining the offer is the right thing to do just needed to tell someone how I’m feeling :sob::sob:
On the plus side at least they wanted me :relaxed:
Have a lovely weekend everyone xx


Hi Mrs5K,

I’ am sorry to hear that you don’t feel up to taking part in the Commonwealth Games, especially as you had been looking forward to it so much.

If its any consolation or helpful at all, the Stroke Association host plenty of events that you can volunteer at. There is a list of them here in case you are interested. Don’t give up hope, it does get better. One step at a time. :purple_heart:

Hope you have a lovely weekend too!

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@CommunityAdmin thank you. I’ll have a look at the link. I love volunteering so will definitely be looking for something when the time is right. :slightly_smiling_face:

@Loshy thank you. I’m very sad but I’ll be fine tomorrow. There will be many other opportunities in time I’m sure. :blush::blush:

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I’m so sorry for you, but as you said they did want you. Now you can watch it from your armchair. I have an autograph book with many of the commonwealth games athletes from 1950s when he games were in wales I was a child of 6 and spent three years in hospital. It was a great highlight for us and I still have the autograph book after sixty four years. Take care have a glass of wine whilst you watch th games :kissing_heart:

@janella69 wow that is amazing although not good you had to spend 3 yrs in hospital as a kid. I will definitely enjoy watching the games from my sofa but will be a little sad that I’m not there. Am looking forward to the triathlon & track events the most.

Hi @Mrs5K - I can understand your disappointment but you’ve made the right decision. As @CommunityAdmin says, there will be other opportunities when you’re ready.
The Stroke Association offers a wide range of volunteer roles; your experience of having a stroke, coupled with your previous experience, means that you have a lot to offer other stroke survivors.

Aww thank you @Mahoney. I think there were 20,000 people interviewed so am very chuffed to have been chosen for a good role. I will get over my disappointment and be able to.enjoy watching it instead. Best wishes

Thank you @JSCAPM you’re right. It is the best decision right now. I spent a lot of time volunteering at the covid vaccination centres last year which I loved along with working on the local Parish Council. Both of which I’ve had to give up but I will definitely be looking for other opportunities when I am able to again. Thank you for your kind words.

Hello @Mrs5K . It is totally normal to feel sad, stroke robs us of so many things. Things we took for granted and things that haven’t even happened yet. I do believe though that it grants us an insight and an ability to empathise that wouldn’t have occurred before. Longer term I hope I can put this to some good use to have a sense of purpose. Be kind to yourself, acknowledge the sadness and look forwards to watching the games. Julia x

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@JuliaH thank you. I think you are right about granting us an insight that we wouldn’t otherwise have had. I shall put it to good use when the time is right. I shall enjoy watching the games probably with just a hint of sadness that I’m not there but enjoy them all the same.
Best wishes xx

Hi Mrs5k disappointing news but like an athlete you can take a well earned break and rest on your Laurel’s,from thousands you were selected ! make sure you dine out on it. Other opportunities will arise. I am hoping to get involved in conservation work physically I think I’m fit an able and providing I learn to pace myself should be fine, have some visual loss so will have to be careful when swinging sharp edged tools that’s if they let me use them. Pds

@Pds thank you. Be dining out on it for years :rofl::rofl: good on you giving conservation work a try. Definitely pace yourself & rest when needed but I bet it’ll be great to be involved. Watch out for rogue sharp tools​:grin: I enjoyed volunteering immensely before my stroke & aim to return to it in some form when I am able.

Hi @Mrs5K , An amazing achievement to get selected! You should be very proud :wink:.
Really sorry that you can’t manage it post stroke but as we all know even 30 minutes doing something we previously found easy can be like a marathon now :cold_sweat::weary::tired_face::drooling_face:.
Hopefully you will find something else when you feel you are more able to cope with it.
All the best.

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@Ingo66 thank you. I was really pleased to be selected :partying_face: I had been so looking forward to it too but there’s just no way it’s possible right now. I’m with you on the marathons- feel like I’m doing lots of them every day :rofl::rofl: here’s to something better in the future.
Hope you’re enjoying your weekend xx