Feeling Rough

Hope everyones having a good weekend. I had my covid & flu jabs last weekend & felt achy & had painful glands for 5 days. On Thursday i was feeling quite a bit better so decided to sort the freezer. On Thursday night I started to feel really rough - heavy, fuzzy head, felt sick, generally felt unwell. Friday I got up and had a tingling all down my right leg (my good leg). Its now Sunday & I’m still feeling rough. Head still feels fuzzy & i feel spaced out & still have tingling in my right leg. I look a bit like Charlie Chaplin trying to walk as my left leg doesnt move properly anyway :rofl:
I’m not really after any advice just felt the need to let it out. I’ll speak to my GP if i don’t start to feel better in a day or so. I’m just annoyed at myself for overdoing it although never expected sorting the freezer to affect me that much (if it was that). Sorry for offloading.
Enjoy whats left of the weekend xxx


Please, please, please, please, please ! !
Please don’t feel sorry for off loading.
Use this forum to do that, we are here for you.
You have doled out so much support and ‘ear time’.
There is a little to spare for you too, you know.

Keep on keepin’ on.

much hugs


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@Bobbi @Loshy thank you both. I think i’m just feeling sorry for myself today having spent most of it on sofa as too dizzy when i stand up.

I appreciate your kind words.

Glad you’ve been ok after your jabs Loraine.

Best wishes to you both

Ann xx


Thank you @Ingo66 i hope so…fed up with it now :blush:

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Thank you @ZX1 think I’ll be avoiding the freezer for a while :smile:

Hi Ann. @Mrs5K. Hoping for a good night’s rest and a better day tomorrow, Julia xxx

Thank you @JuliaH hope you have a good night too xx

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So sorry to feel you’re feeling bad and hope you soon feel better.

As others have said don’t apologise about having a rant, you are always so welcoming and helpful to everyone on the forum and it’s kinda nice we can give some support back to you when you need it.

I hope you have a peaceful nights sleep and wake refreshed tomorrow :pray:

@DDMH thank you. That’s very kind. Think I’m feeling sorry for myself although have been feeling particularly rough. I hate not being able to do stuff as does everyone else I’m sure.

This forum is a great supportive place.

Have a good night too.

Best wishes.

Ann xx

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@Mahoney thank you. these jabs have a lot to answer for :grin: i wouldn’t mind but my hubby never even had a sore arm. I think i’ve had his share of the effects. :rofl: hope you have a good week xx

I hope that you begin to feel better soon. It seems to be so random with the effects of the jab. I was dreading it, having felt unwell with the second, and yet only experienced a slightly sore arm. A friend who is housebound with hip pain (a long story) didn’t even have that, whereas her healthy neighbours were unwell for a fortnight.

Get well soon

@FionaB1 it does seem to be very random. My arm was very painful & i couldnt lift it again - just like after my stroke. Thankfully thats eased off now & arm working again. Glad you didnt suffer too much with yours. xx

@Loshy Morning Loraine, i’m a little better this morning although head still feels weird. Tingling in leg has eased a bit so walking less like Charlie Chaplin today :rofl: thank you for checking in I really appreciate it.

How are you doing?

Best wishes.

Ann xxx


Sounds like you have a busy week @Loshy. Try not to overdo it - easier said than done with grandkids i know.

Enjoy your week xxxx

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I had my flu jab a couple of weeks ago and suffered no consequences.
My Covid jab was a different matter entirely. I had it yesterday morning and my arm is now painful and I can’t move it. Fortunately it’s the bad arm, but it has now led to me cancelling this morning’s aquarobics :disappointed_relieved:

@MinnieB sorry you’re feeling rough after your jab too. I had the same with my arm. I was able to use my arm again after 3 days although rest of symptoms lasted longer. Hope you’re feeling better again very soon xxx

Glad that you are a getting back on track a little. I’m guilty of taking on too much and then spending half the day wondering why my symptoms are all over the place and I am feeling rotten … then I remember what I did the day before.


Thank you @Rups its amazing how it catches up with you isn’t it. Just as you think you’re getting on top of things it comes and takes you by surprise again :scream:

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Hope you feel better soon not had mine as i am away in essex.tried teI I have to ll 0ll them. But they said they send a letter.not coming back til sa t

Hope you’ve had a good time in Essex. xx