Feeling positive

My husband had his assessment today at a private rehab clinic and came away feeling positive It was good to get some positive feedback from the physio its going to be a couple of weeks before he starts but is ready to work hard It’s good to see him positive and given him hope he will get some independence bk


Lynne–It’s amazing what rehab can do. It’s hard work, and he’ll be very tired from it. But that’s normal. You both just have to “hang in there”. :heart:Jeanne


Hi Lynne that’s brilliant news. So pleased for both of you. Stroke recovery is a long and sometimes very frustrating and tiring journey but also very rewarding and fills you with hope for a better future.

Take care of yourself too and I look forward to hearing from you and how he’s doing.

Regards Sue

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Hi Lynne
that’s great news, whilst it’s positive feedback it makes recovery easier and quicker, making you more motivated. good luck to you and your husband

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@lynne_day923 thats great news. Hope it goes really well. Xx