Feeling o inpending dome

Keep getting the feeling that something is going to happen

Hi Mickyboy. Are you getting any help from your GP or from the mental health services? I felt that way at one point and my GP helped me and referred me to the mental health services who also helped.

Mickeyboy, We all get these feelings. I think stroke makes us very aware of our bodies. After having Covid this year, I felt nauseous, bloated and had loss of appetite. Because I lost weight my gp sent me for a colonoscopy. Nothing wrong other than having an old bowel. In our heads we always worry about ‘what if?’ As others have said, talk to your gp about your feelings. Men find it hard to talk, but better to talk to someone than live with anxiety.

@Mickyboy hope you’re feeling a bit brighter today. As others have suggested it might be worth speaking to your GP as they can offer some help in these situations.

Look after yourself.
Ann x

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Mickyboy anxiety gets to us all at times you think it’s moved on but it’s just gone off to find something else to fret over. Can’t give an answer but think what others have said see your GP if it doesn’t pass don’t be afraid to ask for help and let’s us know how you get on

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