Feeling lucky

Hi all I’m just back home from a weeks cruise ! never been on a cruise b4 and was really anxious about going :pensive: well I managed fine with help from hubby and the wonderful P and O staff on board who even discreetly cut my food up for me . There were many other disabled people on board but I felt lucky I cud feed myself with a fork haha and walk a bit when we went ashore . I felt grateful to see new places in Spain and France I appreciated the blue sky, the waves in the sea the beaches and the beautiful architecture. It just made me realise there’s plenty in life I can still enjoy . .im 3 years post stroke in august but suddenly feel regenerated to keep working on my physio and smile . Best wishes to you all xx


Thanx for sharing

So nice to hear and the sunshine (and architecture etc) sounds very recharging of your joie de vivre


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Hi sounds great, glad it went well for you. We have often thought about trying a cruise and it’s good to hear about it from someone in our position. Got a couple of questions
Do they provide Special Assistance ?
Dothey have walk in showers in the cabins ?
How did you manage getting on board ?

Apologies for the questions, you’ve got me thinking now :thinking:

Thanks for sharing
Regards Sue



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Hi Sue, we booked a disabled cabin so was near the lifts. The bathroom was a walk in shower with a seat that folded down from the wall . There was a bar on the right hand side of toilet … unaffected side so suited me well . The room was a good size and cud get wheelchair around the bed ok .THere was Special assistance to board and disembark . When we disembarked there were two ramps one for able bodied passengers which was steeper and one for passengers with mobility issues. My husband pushed from the back and a pand o helper went in front of my chair . For the excursions some of the coaches have wheel chair access like a lift that takes u and the chair onto the bus . I found even the coach drivers were friendly and helpful . I eventually managed to go up coach steps and sit in ordinary seat . They lowered the coach if too steep for me . On the cruise there were prob 100 passengers or more with mobility probs so I didn’t feel a nuisance or anything. Best wishes


Hi Christine, thanks for that info, you have covered all of the things that we were unsure about. It’s definitely given us something to think about.

Glad you enjoyed your cruise. I always feel a bit nervous doing something different for the first time.

Thanks again for the information.

Regards Sue


@christine2 pre stroke I loved cruising but have been a but unsure since my stroke due to my mobility issues. After reading your post i am going tonrhink about it again as I love the idea of seeing lots of different places.

Sounds like you had a lovely time & thank you for sharing your experience xx


@christine2 @Susan_Jane @Mrs5K @SimonInEdinburgh

Thank you, it is interesting to read the picture you have built around taking a holiday. It must have been good for both of you to get that chance to take a break.

I can’t be the only one who is unsure about the practical issues of such an adventure. Thank you so much for sharing. It is good to hear it turned out well for you.

Thanks for the answers and also for the questions.