Feeling low

On the 7th november 2019 my partner of 21 years had a stroke. I knew it was going to be hard but because I love him so much I told him I'd always be there, which hasn't changed but just recently I'm feeling a little pushed out and feel as though he is pushing me away with comments like why do you want to stay with a gimp it hurts me so much and I just dont know what to do or say anything I say I get shot down in flames he knows I would do anything to help him out and I am now finding it hard to go to work then come home and do it all over again I dont know where to turn or go to chat to someone.i also dont want to feel like I'm making it all about me either work have been great well as much as they can be but I am not feeling myself at the moment I dont mean to waffle but i dont know what else to do

Hi Gary.

Your partner is possibly testing you to make sure they know they want you to still be with them. Just please try to keep on being there for them and I am sure they will realise you will continue to be there. For them. Your partner wants you to be there and is grateful. Just can't say the words.

Feel free to come here when you need to vent. You can say anything and no one will judge you.