Feeling hopeless

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Does the facial numbness ever recover? My partner 54 yrs old had a pica caused by a vert artery dissection & then it progressed into the basilar. The clots were removed in Dec 21. He is recovering & gaining strength in his left upper & lower limbs & is lacking coordination but he still has the drooping mouth, facial numbness as well as loss of hearing & unable to blink or close his left eye. His voice is hoarse & he lacks facial expressions. Has anyone else experienced this?

Corral. Every stroke is different and recovery is generally slow. After my stroke, I had areas of facial numbness but they eased over a timescale lasting months. I had a slight droop to my mouth but did lots of mouth exercises. Fortunately, my speech and memory weren’t affected. It might be worth seeking advice from the Stroke Assiciation helpline to see if they can suggest ant support available to help his condition.