Feeling down

Good morning all got say I'm truly fed up am I only one feeling this way?

Since hubby had his stroke7 months ago there no signs of him walking or even getting from bed to chair, physio stopped back in begin of May they were useless tbh got him walking then left us up in the air with no information about what to do next so left me trying to find somewhere finally stated taking him swimming omg that costly but don't care want to help him but I hit brick wall what the point is this it he bed bound no holiday no day trips cause what place will take people that need hoist and wear pads poor sod can't even get to bathroom will it get better god hope so 

Teresa, If you phone the Stroke Association helpline they may help regarding support groups in your area, both for yourself as a carer and his physio/exercise needs. I live in an area where the Stroke Association have a Life After Stroke Centre which offers exercise classes and trips out for Carers and survivors. I will look for a link to the Disabled Holiday Group, which might be of use.


Have a look at www.arni.uk.com. Its a charity that has trainers that will come to you to work with your husband on suitable exercises to help his recovery. This is their website: www.arni.uk.com

I would encourage him to do Frenkel exercises in bed if he can https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MLIeqDWYVao

Seven months is very early on after a stroke, there's a lot more to do to ensure recovery continues, just don't let it get stuck in a rut at this stage. His brain is still repairing, although not as quickly. It will improve. 

Thank you for your help and support site