Feeling down!

Feelings despondent today as it's been implied by my physio that my arm is unlikely to regain movement as it is showing no signs yet 6 months down the road 

Hi, I am not in your position. I have lost some of my coordination not movement. However, what ever we are working on  to try to improve, it is hard. How I see it there will be no chance of improvement if we don't try. Never give up. I have done a lot of reading since my stroke and  opinions definitely vary. I have definitely read about improvements happening year's after a stroke. Hopefully people on here with respond with movement after 6 months. Being positive and determined is important!



Hi try not to feel down ,stay positive and don't give up because they said that ...everybody is different keep going ,would being in water help you with the moving to build it up ...6 months isn't really that long you can still have improvements even more than a year later ...keep staying positive ...pippy ..

Definitely don't give up. It is now 2 years 8 months since my stroke, which within 24 hours left me pretty much unable to use my right arm or leg.

Some movement returned within 6 months, but it was only after 2 years it became more noticeable that improvements were happening, and since that point its incremental.

You never know when your moment will come, but eventually it will come.

Stay positive, it's not easy but I found a good attitude made the lows less unbearable.

Dear Jane

when i had a stroke, in December 2015, the medical staff were positive to all of us strokees. I noticed a couple of years later that medical staff were telling patients that they will not walk/recover etc. a change in medical practice.

so do not accept that you wont recover. You can. And if you are determined then it will happen sooner.

keep getting your arm to move. Keep telling your brain it has an arm to move. Remind your brain that your arm is there and needs instructions.

your brain will continue to try and rework your messaging system for a minimum of two years. So don't even start to think you wont get that arm moving. The most difficult part is that it is you, and only you, who can effect the movement. Other people can help and encourage, but its you that will get it done.

I was lucky in as much as i knew how to avoid the depression taking over. Depression will delay things a lot.

No two strokes are the same. Be unique. Be you. 
you can do it



It makes me so cross when i hear of so called professionals telling people things like this. I am 5 and a half years post stroke and still improving. I do work hard at it. Keep working and you'll get there.

Hi don't be despondent my left arm didn't work at all am 17 months on and it is moving gradually and can now hold some things you will get there it just takes time x

I'm aghast at these so called experts. I'm 2 yrs post now, and only just getting feeling back in hand / arm. Don't give up. I know its an uphill battle, everyone is different, but you must persevere


Thank you cheers me up a bit 

Thank you cheers me up a bit 

Thank you cheers me up a bit