Feeling down in lockdown

Hi all, I'm feeling  very down in the dumps  at the moment.  I feel  that my recovery  has gone  into  reverse  recently.  I suffered  a hemorrhagic stroke 4 years ago  resulting in  left sided  paralysis. With the help of  my husband,  I have worked  tirelessly on my recovery, doing a daily exercise  routine which included  a walk outside  every day, weather  permitting. A combination  of  lockdown  and winter weather  has made this impossible  to maintain  and I feel  my progress  has suffered. My husband  hasn't  been able  to work for the past year and so I have been  unable  to  pay for physiotherapy at home. I'm feeling  very disheartened  right now and can't  wait  to pick-up  my routine. I've had no botox  treatment  for 18 months  and no visits  to the fes Clinic. 

Sorry  for  moaning  and ranting but some days I just feel exhausted  trying  to pretend  that I'm ok. 

Regards Sue 


Dear Susan

you have done the difficult months and years. 
the lockdown is outside your control, yes it will get you down.

Spring is waiting to burst and the warm sun will raise your spirits.

so please dont let the depression get at you. 

and do remember....

Smile. Be positive. You are not alone


Sue, I had a haemorrhage stroke five years ago, also affecting my left side. Like you, I worked very hard for improvement and wa going to three exercise classes a week, until Covid struck. I know I have gone backwards a bit, although I do manage two short walks a day, weather permitting. Have you tried Joe Wicks YouTube video senior workout. I have found those helpful and have also walked around the garden 15 times when I can't get further.

The pandemic has hit many financially and that adds to despondency. NHS support services have also been hit badly. I think these add to a sense of depression, but try to find a few positives in each day. Spring is almost here and there is bird song again. Please remember you are not alone. We are all here for you.

Hi, I will take a look at Joe Wicks. I have tried SA exercise videos as they are aimed at  stroke survivors. Thanjs for your reply

Regards Sue