Feeling depressed

So depressed hard to control this feeling. Feel like I've been locked up for a year. Not being like I was no job feeling I've got no future. 

Hi, I just read your post and felt that I needed to let you know that someone has seen and acknowledged your distress.  I know a lot of people have very difficult emotional problems after a stroke.  It's frightening and not a good place to be.  I don't know what to say for the best, but maybe try to think about the things you can do, not what you can't do.  The whole situation is made much worse just now because of the Covid issue, causing widespread distress and anxiety. The stroke survivors on this site have all experienced what you are going through now, they will understand and be able to tell you that things will improve, but it takes time.  Just be reassured that we are thinking of you, and know that you will feel better in time.  Take care, try to stay strong, and keep posting, you will find support here.  Stay safe xx

Fallon, I can only echo what Nicabella says. Stroke plays havoc with the emotions. Four years after mine, I still get down days and the Virus being around makes it worse. If you can, try to find a routine to get you through the day. Also, phoning friends and relatives will also help.

You do not say what your home circumstances are, but for those who live alone these strange times must be very isolating. I hope you can find a way of lifting your spirits. Please keep checking in on this site too. Take care of yourself.

Thanks for your kind words Ive been having a bad day. That doesn't detract my feelings I expressed I know thing get better and will and must try like everybody on here to get my life back  take care for now.