Feeling deflated

Well here I am nearly 1 year post stroke and I to doing well. Had my review with OCC health doctor with a view to looking at return to work, adjustment etc. Only to be advised that he thinks I need at least another year out...... Need to find a way to pick myself back up. I will, but feeling a bit glum. Xxx

Hi Thats enough to make us all feel glum, poor you.  Maybe you should go back to the OCC doctor and ask if you could return for a reduced number of hours on a couple of days.  I was off for a year from a full time teaching assistant and have now returned but only for 5 hours two days a week, and its great.  It does aid recovery.  Good luck. Wendy

Dear Mo

That is a bit of a shock to the system. Another year seems so long.

I have read this forum for many years and returning to work is a big issue. Inote that for most of us its a no no before nine months and it also seems so many of us have a big relapse even after nine months. So your mudical men are pretty well informed.

Have you genuinely acepted that you are a new Mo and not the old Mo ? Easy to say but very hard to accept. Is your brain functioning at an acceptable rate of knots ?

I am 40 months post stroke and I do a very part time job. Three hours a month. And thats plenty. So I do voluntary tasks, mainly making tea and waiting on tables, just to make me feel needed. That works rather well for me. It also realigns me to a much slower pace of life.

The best thing to cheer ourselves is to smile. Smile a lot. This is far more beneficial than is widely accepted. And to be positive. ie I am likely to be ready for work next year. I can now have a year off to go fishing/watch TV/ weed my garden or whatever.

Now perhaps you could list all the things you can do rather than the things you can not. 

For whatever reason you, me and others on this site, have lived through a stroke. We have not given up, we have not passed away . So there has to be a reason why we are chosen to live.

Best wishes and well done on getting to your first anniversary



Hi Colin thanks so much for your words of wisdom and encouragement. I think you're right I probably have to accept that some changes are now likely to be permanent. I guess I had just set A 1 year goal in my head and having to shift it is challenging. However I remain grateful for all I have and am sure I'll get over this wee blip xxx 

Hi Wendy thanks so much for getting in touch and well done on your recovery. I did ask about reduced hours, etc but he was quite clear that his view is that I am nowhere near ready. So I guess I need to content myself and carry on with the rehab. When I think of all the time I wished I could have time out from work ??. Careful what you wish for !! All the best xxx

Hello Mo,

Please do not feel too dispondent if you need more time off for recovery. I remember wanting to go back to work after my stroke as I had not been employed by my workplace for more than 8 months and was worried about my job security,but the consultant said no, more recovery time was needed first which I was glad of as it happened. Please don't rush it.  It just isn't worth it. Listen to your body and it will tell you how you are feeling and when you can go back.

I had my stroke in July 17 and even now I get fatigued and have to rest after my shifts sometimes. You will learn how much or little you can do as you recover.

Best wishes


Good atitude Mo. I wish I could view it s a wee blip !


Hi Sandie thanks so much for that. Echoes my consultant who said listen to your body, so that's good you reminded me of that. Currently lying in bed feeling very tired and relieved I don't have to get up, so yes my body knows best! Thanks again and ps love your profile pic xx

Hi Mo,

the profile pic was taken in the Langdale peaks in Cumbria where i was on holiday with my family We climed up a mountain  to a peak called Sergeant Man, up amongst the snow. I hadn't had my stroke then but still found it hard going but the views were amazing and the sun shone all day but i was so tired when we got back I had trouble eating my dinner, just wanted to go to bed.

I'd like to have the energy to do something like that again but it will be a while yet!!

I've just got myself a skipping rope to use indoors. It has a small rope with rubber balls on the ends and a calorie counter, timer and jump counter. Should be fun. I sometimes do my wii fit jf I'm getting restless.

Kind regards



to mo, thank you for posting,,