Feeling confused

HI is it possible to have your cognition effected by TIA and not be totally aware of it??
It’s 3 months now since my TIA and still quite confused about it all really. I have not been affected physically but maybe slight memory and thinking changed… anyone else had this??

ok thank you take care

ok no worries take care

Shwmae @kazram, I had awful confusion after the stroke, cerebellar stroke plus six TIAs. Some people call it “brain fog”. I remember the day it lifted, it was bliss.

Hello kazram. It is 4 years now since my diagnosis of multiple small strokes (TIAs). I do have what I would describe as problems with my ultra short term memory (coordination?) I am finding it difficult doing tasks in the here and now. This is something that I am aware of. I am learning to plan well what I have to do and then allow myself good time to do it.

Aww bless you. Yeah I think mine is slowly easing as time goes on. I think I’m slowly also starting to accept it that I’ve had TIA’s, even tho no evidence of …… makes it much harder when you not certain but I did have some symptoms and is also family history of stroke, my dad and gran both had strokes. It’s only been 3 months since my TIA

4 years?? Wow that’s great. Seems like you’re doing well :blush:. Only 3 months since mine. No real evidence of them but cholesterol high and BP was at the time also family history of stroke so put me on meds and hopefully won’t have anymore. Trying to make changes to my diet and exercise