Feeling clueless

Hello, this is my first post.

My mum had a massive stroke at the beginning of December and has been in Croydon University Hospital for most of her care so far. We definitely felt things were disappointing over Christmas and finally had our family meeting this Monday. I think I had made the terrible mistake of feeling hopeful, as to my untrained eye, I felt mum had been making progress. The team do not feel that she has made enough progress to warrant a referral to a rehab unit. They have given us another 2-3 weeks.... so now we are trying to really understand our options? How much can we push back? I think we feel really strongly that we want to give her as much therapy/rehab as we can manage for the first 6 months, to get her to the best condition we can? 
She has aphasia and apraxia, which seem to be the stumbling blocks to rehab? 
Really I would appreciate any advice or recommendations going. 
thank you x

Just keep going with what you're doing if you see improvements then the team also see .you have to practice with the aphasia try to listen and watch her  mouth you may find a word or two to help also try to let her write in down if she can .

Good luck 


Look in to Headley Court Neuro and stroke community rehab, It has become NHS recently, used to be Military, heard they were looking for patiants, as it has only just opened.

Good luck