Feeling a bit low today

Hi Everyone, feeling a bit low today and just need a shoulder to cry on. I’m 6 years post stroke following a hemorrhagic stroke which paralysed my left side. I spent 5 months in hospital which was quite traumatic at times. Yesterday I went with my husband to visit a close family member who is in hospital. It has completely thrown me and I’m feeling very emotional and on the verge of tears. It wasn’t a horrible visit and I used it as my daily exercise and walked from the car park and it was a long trek around the hospital to the ward. It wasn’t the first time I’ve visited a hospital since my discharge and I don’t know why it brought back so many memories. Just wondered if anyone else has had a similar experience ? I feel that I should be past having this sort of reaction after all this time. I was fine in the ward but broke down in the car on the way home.

Regards Sue


Sending hugs .

A stroke is a very traumatic event in the lives of all those affected. Not a surprising that there are times when the emotional response wells up and becomes overwhelming.
I’m sure you know that that feeling will pass and you’ll be able to concentrate on other aspects for example perhaps the appreciation of having survived and still having The potential to enjoy new experience is.

I guess in short it is " all part of the life rich…”

Thanks for sharing we all need to reminder that although the trauma has passed the effects linger on


@Susan_Jane Hi Sue, sorry you’re feeling low today. I don’t think it matters how long ago major events happen there will sometimes be something that triggers an emotional response in us. I think we all just think that as time passes we should “get over” things. That’s not the case with everything.

I always remember my GP saying to me after a horrid car accident that in time i will be able to put the thoughts & feelings in a box & close the lid on them but every now & again that lid will lift a bit & memories will pop out. He was right & i thought it was a good way of thinking of things.

Sending you lots of love & hugs.



It’s good to cry so just go with it, it’ll pass in a day or so and you will feel so much lighter for it. Naturally your emotions are feeling a bit over loaded, after all this is a close family member. You need that relief, need to let it out. Your brain just used the memory of your stroke as the trigger for that release.

I do hope your family member is recovering well and that you will be feeling much better in yourself in a day or two :hugs:

Sending over lots of love :heart:

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It is completely understandable that there are moments when the emotional impact becomes overwhelming and difficult to manage. And remember, we emerged as survivors. Sending hugs and positive thoughts.