Feeling a bit down

At the doctors this morning to get my sick note to send to insurance, new doctor again and have to say that I came out feeling pretty low. I mentioned to her that my scalp has been quite tender almost like someone's pulling my hair but she just mmmed & ahhhed, then she asked if I had thought about the future after my discussion with the previous doctor - couldn't actually remember what had been discussed at my previous appt but  then remembered that he had asked about my work & to think about what else I could do if I don't get my driving licence back. I said that ideally I would like to get back to my job as I enjoy it again she just started speaking about agencies etc so I asked is it unlikely that I will be able to drive again? She again didn't really answer. I'm so fed up of gp's not knowing enough about subarachnoid haemorrhage and hope I get more answers when I see the consultant in Oct. Sorry just needed a good moan

Hi katy, your not moaning at all. My experiance with GP's is pretty bad too ( in my opinion it is my GP's fault i had my stroke as i belive it was ignored because i was only 35 at the time) i wont go on about that though because it makes me so mad. 

Yeh definatly make sure you get it all out at the hospital when you go. Take some one with you if you can and make some notes of things you want to ask befor you go so you dont forget any thing. 

Hope it gets better and let us know how you get on. Ayisha. X

I think we all tend to think that anything wrong is stroke related. It could be someting else. My scalp felt very tender when I had shingles. Do you have any spots? Your gpshould have picked upon that though.



Hi, thanks for replying. Think the doctor was another trainee, we seem to get a lot unfortunately.