Feel like I'm going backwards

Hi everyone it’s been a while since I posted.
My home visits for physio ended last week and since then I’ve felt isolated.my partner tries to help me with exercises but it isn’t the same she gives me emotional support but she doesn’t know how to help me when I’m trying to do exercises I’m so scared that im slowing with my recovery because I feel I’m not achieving nothing since physio end I’m so depressed I feel like I’ve been abandoned

@Alfiep did they say they would refer you on for further physio? I had 6 weeks home physio then they referred me the hospital physios. I had to wait a few weeks for an appointment but I am still having physio there 5 months after my stroke. If they haven’t ask your GP to refer you.
Whilst I was waiting i continued with the exercises I was doing but I also looked online to see if I could find anything I could do. I’ve tried copying a link in below which may be worth you having a look at.


The Stroke Association also put some videos on YouTube that you could do.

Hiya I’m there on the 18th this month but I don’t know how often the sessions will me I have almost no move in my arm and my hand I have none

Hi Alfie. Physio support varies from health authority to health authority. The Stroke Association run strength and balance classes in some areas and your gp may know about hospital provision. It is hard, though, to do exercises by yourself. I have been going to a local 60+ exercise group run by a local man for the last four years. We can exercise to the best of our ability, seated or standing. Local gyms offer one to one exercises but can be expensive. I hope you find more support soon.

@Alfiep, I spent a year making only 1-2% progress, at the time it felt like nothing but looking back all those small percentages add up. It was only through keeping a stroke-diary and thinking about my journey in retrospect that improvement started to make sense. Stay brave and keep going, but also give yourself a break when needed. :+1::grinning:

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Wow! I didn’t even get home physio! You need to make sure you get referred for physio appointments. I wasn’t and didn’t realise I should have been. Progress is often so slow you don’t notice you’re making it.
If you look on YouTube there is a lady called Dr Tara Tobias (Orlando Neuro Therapy), who has lots of exercises, starting from very basic, to advanced.
If you have deep pockets, you could contact ARNI (arni.uk.com) and see if they have any trainers in your area. Sessions are about £45, but you get a lot longer than you would with an NHS physio.
Keep going. You will improve, but it takes time.