I had ahaorradic stroke on Christmas Eve. I am 64. I have left sided paralysis. I cannot see any future and not sure I can live like this I have a little movement in my left leg now my physio is confident she can get me walking again ! But I have no hope!!

Hi, keep doing the work your physio gives you. It might be boring but it will work. I am 5 years post stroke now, 62, similarly with left sided paralysis. Walking has progressed very slowly from using a quad stick to a tripod to a single point cane. Next stage no stick, I am still working on it. It is frustrating without any doubt. Just keep at it, things can change but the change is frustratingly slow. I can't walk like used to and I  can't walk very far. I have lost a bit of confidence recently because exercise slipped during lockdown and I have lost a bit of strength in my weak leg.  I have been working on it again slowly to try and improve stability. I still don't have confidence to go out alone like I could only a few months ago. I reckon, though if I could do it once I can get that back. Walking was a great love of mine and I feel the loss keenly. I can't give you abig success story here and I still struggle, especially with no function in my left hand. I don't know if that will ever recover I keep hoping and do what exercises I can. The spasticity has decreased which is a big development, as my hand was almost permanently fisted.  I can empathise. It is really hard, but do keep trying and working with the physio. There will be changes.  Even the foot drop improved after a while. It isn't completely solved but my foot doesn't drag like it did previously. Take any help the physio can give and do the work. It will come.

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Thank you Tony 

Hi Jane. Anthony has given you excellent advice. I am now 77 and had my big stroke five years ago and a mild one last May. Like Anthony, learning to walk again was a slow process, but I graduated from wheelchair to frame to stick. I also had drop foot and had an FES machine for two years until the drop foot improved by itself. Alas, it did come back a bit after the second stroke, but I can walk with an ankle support reasonably well and try to have two short walks a day.

Please remember that the leg and foot are likely to improve before the arm and hand because they form less complex functions. I had lots of physio exercises which I did religiously every day. I have reasonable use of my arm and hand now, but my left hand lacks sensitivity and my shoulder feels frozen although it isn't. I utilise my weak left arm and hand as much as possible.

Never give in, never give up. You are in the very earliest stage of recovery.

Hi Jane I would echo what Tony and JJ have said. I’m 5 years on too and it’s bleak in the early weeks and months. You’re still in the early phase, and with COVID measures this has become a longer phase. If the “early days phase” was 3 months then I’m guessing this is now nearer 6 months. So don’t lose hope. Engage with the stroke association, talk to them. Understand your condition as best you can with information leaflets etc,  recognise fatigue, dizziness, low mood are all fall out from the brain injury you have suffered. Try and work with the physio, and try and rest. Stroke recovery is a marathon not a sprint, and a lot of the work that the body does is invisible and involves the brain and nerves doing some repairs. Keep moving or just twitching bits of your body to remind the brain and nerves that they’re still there! It’s ok to be fed up for a short time but don’t let that be the only thing you’re stuck in. It’s hard to find some positives but try, even if they seem small and inconsequential . The big positive is the physio says you are moving your left leg and thinks you can walk. I hope you have some support at home. Best wishes, Pat

Thank cx

Thanks Patricia x

Hi Jane. It's very early days keep positive. I'm 4 years post stroke and have improved a lot. A few steps started a few more and confidence started to build. Set yourself small targets don't beat yourself up on a bad day. Nice and slowly wins this race. You can do it. 

Andrew 61

Hi, I had a hemorrhagic stroke  4 years ago  age 57, which resulted  in left sided  paralysis. 

 I also have a drop foot and I walk with a walking stick and either an fes machine or an AFO. I can't  walk like I used to but try to walk outside for 20 mins or so on a daily basis, weather permitting of course. On the days I can't  get outside I do exercise  at home. I would be unable  to go out alone but with the help of my husband, get out and about  whenever  possible.

I currently  have no functional  movement  in my left arm or hand  but again try different  exercises on a daily  basis.

It is tough and sometimes  hard to  stay motivated but never give up  and concentrate on the things you can do, not the things you can't. 

Regards Sue 

Thanks x